The Blocks RAI Blockchain Expo Europe 2018 Event

Away from discussing various blockchain-backed cryptocurrencies, exchanges, wallets and lucrative ICOs, the world of cryptocurrency is expected to reward those who’ve helped the industry. Blockchain Expo is excited to announce the inaugural edition of The Blocks Awards scheduled for Thursday 27th June 2018 in RAI, Amsterdam.

The Blocks Awards will probably the first of its kind to recognize and award pioneers in the blockchain and crypto-sphere. According to its organizers, the inaugural awards will act as the exhibition of the excellence of the blockchain technologies and will pay homage to distinguished experts and influencers.

It’s natural of us to appreciate Satoshi Nakamoto, Vitalik Buterin, Charlie Lee, Chris Larsen and the likes because their respective inventions have been doing quite well lately. Thousands upon thousands of reports have been published, featured in news posts and are known because of their larger-than-life demeanor.

However, what The Blocks Awards will be doing is to honor those who don’t get to appear anywhere, yet their efforts have bolstered the industry to where it is. It will help showcase excellence in this rapidly rising industry and bring together experts for a fantastic get-together.

The Blocks RAI Awards And Nominations

Recognition will, therefore, be based on a transparent system whereby enthusiasts nominate and vote for who they deem worth recognizing. Slots under the “Blockchain in Industry” category will be to honor those who used the blockchain technology innovatively.

Blockchain In Industry

Awards under this list will recognize organizations that managed to give the blockchain technology an exceptional use. Those who will be rewarded will, therefore, fall under:

  • The Supply Chain 2018
  • Consumer Rewards Schemes 2018
  • The Gaming and Entertainment sector 2018
  • The Financial Sector 2018
  • Blockchain for Social Good 2018

Pioneers In Blockchain

Also, there will be awards for pioneers in the use of blockchain. It will be to celebrate new entrants in the blockchain space, such as startups that registered immense successes.

Standout Achievement

Individuals and teams that registered a massive contribution to the development of blockchain technologies in 2018 will have to be recognized. Under the Standout Blockchain Achievement, crypto-enthusiasts will be honored by:

  • The best blockchain developer.
  • The most prominent contributor to the rise of Blockchain in 2018.
  • The judge’s choice – crème de la crème of all shortlisted entries.

Judges, Deadlines Of Submitting Entries And Sponsors

The best thing about The Blocks Awards will be its bench of seven judges. Given that it brings together a great bench of industry’s most exceptional leaders, all entries will be vetted and judged by those who are recognized. Among the judges will be notable authors of publications on Blockchain, technology pundits, e-commerce gurus, and influencers in the crypto world.

Submissions are expected to reach its organizers before 27th April 2018. To attend the event, however, enthusiasts will have to purchase a Gold Blockchain Expo pass worth €499. Meawhile, you can be in tabs with the latest news and announcements about The Blocks Awards via the award’s official Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn channels or via the official website –


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