Undoubtedly, the booming success of digital currencies such as Bitcoin has inspired many investors to try out businesses related to the distributed ledger technology. Numerous enterprises have come up as result, mostly in the form of startups, venture capitalist and crypto trading platforms.

Most recently, William Mougayar announced that he will be jumping on to the blockchain bandwagon by launching an investment firm known as the Blockchain Technology Ventures. The new company will be run similar to an archetypal venture capitalist firm, with the only difference being the intended client base, which in this case will be cryptocurrency and block-driven projects.

The Blockchain Technology Ventures

The inauguration of Blockchain Technology Ventures will open up opportunities for upcoming projects that lack the necessary funding to realize their goals. Nevertheless, this chance will not come on a silver plate; the onus is on the blockchain startups to satisfy the potential financier by demonstrating their feasibility and applicableness. William further reiterated that the company will only invest in exciting prospects.

Furthermore, Mougayar stressed that his new project is not a hedge fund; rather, it’s a typical venture capital institution. William added that the goal of his company is to transform the venture capitalist market. As of now, Blockchain Technology Ventures has begun assessing pitches from interested blockchain projects. In this regard, Mougayar specified that their venture will be slightly biased towards early-stage blockchain projects.

It is expected that William will leverage his vast experience in the industry ascertain which projects among the presented are the most promising and potentially profitable.

Pending Approval

According to reports from various sources, Blockchain Technology Ventures will release its inaugural funding in July this year. This, however, is entirely dependent on an approval (or declination) to be made by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority. Notably, this awaited decision is still on the balance.

Should it fail to materialize, it would be a knockout blow to Mougayar who has publicly declared the stringent measures that the company will observe. Earlier this week, William stated that applicants must have a competent team to be considered, and must go on to prove that their idea is applicable in the contemporary as well as future societies.

William remains positive that the Swiss watchdog authority will accredit his creation. He lauded the idea of being paced under a regulatory body, saying that it only increases the public’s trust in blockchain institutions and improves performance standards by a substantial margin. Therefore, investors stand to gain much from the presence of a regulatory authority.

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