Coffee Token

What Is The Coffee Token?

This is a brand-new cryptocurrency platform that is designed for people who are looking to get into trading coffee using crypto. It offers the best trading rates for people who are producing coffee and looking to improve the way the industry works.

The system is said to be the first decentralized platform that operates on a worldwide level through an environment made specifically to connect consumers of coffee and the people who make it.

How Does The Coffee Token Work?

It’s an easy to use platform that operates as an online store, one that gives you instant access directly to the makers and growers of your favorite coffee beans. They work hard to make direct connections as well as easy platforms for purchase. It will work with reduced fees, costs and at a much faster pace then any other store there is. There is a high demand for global coffee and that is why they created the platform. There are worldwide statistics that show the coffee industry is growing at a massive scale and faster than ever before. It’s booming all over the world and will continually grow and rise at a faster rate than the world has ever seen.

The Coffee Token pre-sale is running live now. You can register today for your own tokens. And this is now the first coffee ICO and only one running in the world, according to the platform creators. You can join the TCT community as soon as possible and become a part of this breakthrough platform looking to change the digital era.

The Coffee Token Direct Coffee Manufacturers Benefits

There are several benefits to using the Coffee Token Platform as well:

  • Gain instant access to a massive exchange of global coffee makers and related products at incredible discounts never before seen in any region.
  • Growing consumers freedom of choice when ordering coffee directly from the people growing it.
  • Speedy checkouts, easy and safe ordering that only takes a matter of minutes.
  • Buy straight and sell straight from the makers and to the consumers through the use of Ether and Ethereum’s blockchain. Instantly make payments with TCT R Code and keep up with the Coffee Token’s discounted points, so you can view the status of orders.
  • Easily access the application, so consumers can make purchases, payments and use the TCT QR code to pay for it all, while doing it with a discount where they can see their orders in one place.
  • Superior marketing strategies for coffee makers online, where you can bring coffee producers to the customers to increase revenue with lifetime customers and buyers.
  • Transparent, trustworthy transactions and deals through the use of the smart contracts.
  • Instant access to the consumers and producers to help create lifelong relationships.
  • Lowest prices guaranteed compared to any other coffee dealer.
  • Marketing for coffee producers on multiple platforms for their products, goods and services.
  • The Coffee Token packages uses packaging machines directly on the farm or near by to help increase the speed of processing and shipping to help save even more money.
  • TCT only follows the guidelines set by the Fair-Trade Farmers Association.

The token platform operates on blockchain technology, providing you with system that is highly proficient, efficient and works with direct transactions that are honest and transparent. The result is lower fees, faster purchases, easier to make. And there are said to be more advantages with the use of cryptocurrencies vs. using regular fiat. The benefits are numerous and can’t be matched with fiat in any way. Usually, a transaction that comes from two separate countries would have massive fees associated with it and take days to complete. Now, with the use of the blockchain, it happens in a matter of seconds at almost no costs and in a more secure fashion than previously seen.

The Coffee Token TCT ICO Details

The ICO is going public in a little less than 74 days. TCTs Public Contribution will start back up on June 1st, 2018 at 3pm. And if you are in need of more information to get in on the ICO early on, contact the Coffee Token at [email protected]

You can earn a percentage of every pound of coffee that is processed on the platform when you own tokens. They claim it’s the company that is disrupting the industry. It’s by TCT or the Coffee Token. The entire platform is based on blockchain technology that will help buyers and manufacturers on a global scale. It will help by giving direct access to the manufacturers all over the world.

Who Is Behind The Coffee Token?

At this time, there is no telling who is behind the company. Unfortunately this is a major red-flag that dictates they are hiding something and should probably be avoided.

The Coffee Token Conclusion

The true vision of the company is to make the largest ecosystem for the distribution of coffee on a worldwide scale through the use of blockchain technology. They will break a massive number of barriers for the middle man, thereby providing the producers and consumers with the freedom needed to buy and sell directly through the internet with almost no fees. The final mission is to make the first brand of coffee and associated chain, built strictly on blockchain technology. There are said to be a massive variety of coffee blends, created from flavors found all around the globe.

This is important because coffee is growing massively on a global scale and consumed just as fast. It’s developed in a ton of different countries, like the United States and in the EU. It’s a massive market that is one of the fastest growing. It’s only second to oil in the world. The demand is growing faster than ever as well with a projection of highs to hit in the coming months and years. The need for a massive decentralized network to sell it is more important than ever. If it wasn’t for the fact that they disclose no information on the team behind the scenes or the location of the company, I would say go for it. But it’s because of that, they are a high-risk investment that should be invested in with caution.

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