What Is The Coin Bull?

The Coin Bull is a new platform where you can trade Gold, Silver, LItecoin, BItcion and Dollars across a worldwide network. It’s just coming out and is taking advantage of the current cryptocurrency rage.

How Does The Coin Bull Work?

Th platform works by providing people with an easy to trade on network that works with multiple currencies and makes it easy for people around the world to trade with each other with ease. The following currencies are the main ones as of now that can be traded on the network:

Gold – The only true currency that is not a commodity. Gold is real money, the original currency that has been the only real store of true value and what the world holds on a whole scale from a currency standpoint.

Silver – Second in value to gold only. Silver is more than just a currency, it is also used in many industrial settings. Many people believe that silver has a potential for massive growth, far beyond what has already happened with this second to gold only currency.

Bitcoin – No tangible value, but it is growing worldwide on a massive scale. Although it has zero value from an intrinsic standpoint, it is fungible, scarce and being accepted by large corporations more and more on a global scale. It has proven to be a better store for value than almost all world currencies. Even the USD has not been able to stand up to Bitcoin as a store of value of the same period of time.

The company is not just using any standard coins. They are using only Bullion and Virtual coins. And every currency they use is promised to be investment grade and naturally deflationary. They are all kept in a limited supply worldwide making them scarce.

They also have a high global value due to their scarcity and can easily be traded because of their scarcity. Fungible stores have a high value but zero allegiance to any financial institutions, governments or nationalities. They are worth exactly the same in every country and have a naturally occurring, built in exchange rate.

Who Is Behind The Coin Bull?

The CEO and founder is Robert Wiley. He currently holds a bachelors of science in Economics with a Financial Application, SMU. He considers the current geopolitical schema and worldwide financial/economic environment a volatile arena. According to him, there has never been a more important time for preserving your existing wealth and capital. And he promises that Coin Bull is the answer the world has been searching for.

The Coin Bull Conclusion

This is a brand-new company, not much is known about the CEO, but he promises much. It’s an easy thing to do, it’s advisable to be wary before making any big moves with this platform. But time will tell the honest truth as to how transparent and honest Coin Bull will be. Keep an eye on this new platform and be careful before making any large exchanges through them.

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