The new Dog Pound is open for business, a new open end free web service for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The site, opened last year serves a bigger purpose for the industry than almost any site, helping train new users in proper cryptocurrency management. People from all over the world will have access to the new site that will help train people on the proper way to use cryptocurrency applications and resources.

Even though the website has gone through some problems, as most do, with the exception that the problems are good ones. To put things simply, the Dog Pound grew so fast it couldn’t house all the dogs using it. They went through severe problems of growth with an onslaught of daily traffic, too many help requests from newbies and mixed opinions that created havoc in the group. The supply was unable to meet the demands, causing the implosion of the group for all respected purposes.

They’ve developed the new Dog Pound now, a tool-chest of resources for cryptocurrency users, traders and enthusiast looking to learn or contribute to the cause. The new platform is the ideal place for people to learn about the way the industry works.

A monthly membership fee is required, although not too much – with funds going directly into the platform. The funds are used to pay specialists within the group who contribute information, thereby ensuring the information is top-quality. Anyone can join the group, even contribute as long as it is within the boundaries set as standards by the Dog Pound.

Community leaders are highly interactive on the Dog Pound, with only a portion of the fees going to each contributor. About 10% of all fees given to the platform go to contributors, the rest is used to fund the project – a small but worthwhile price to pay for accurate training. You can count on getting the best content in the industry at the company website.

With everything from daily reports on the best investors and cryptocurrencies, to tutorials on how to set up applications. Trading tips are given on a regular basis, as are reviews on new ICOs and mining operations. There’s a lot to learn from the Dog Pound, even seasoned cryptocurrency veterans will benefit from joining the group, plus they’ll be able to help contribute intelligence for new users. It’s fairly easy to join, message the user Pound Processor on the team’s Discord group and wait for the response.

The fee to join is $100 a month, but as the adage goes, you get what you pay for. Users get access to a wealth of knowledge, gaining access to exclusive channels. The program is ideal for anyone who wants to benefit from cryptocurrency long term, membership fees drop considerably for anyone who puts the time in with the group as well.

The website is the real-deal for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, only accepting real people who are looking to improve the industry. It’s a regulated site, protecting users from being scammed or taken advantage of. The Dog Pound is one of the best resources for crypto training, providing long term strategies to keep you out of the financial dog house.

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