The Elephant

What Is The Elephant?

The Elephant, formerly known as, is a platform that serves as a bridge between secondary investments and the blockchain technology. The platform lets its investors buy shares of pre-IPO companies and get access to tokens with real assets behind them. Also, it lets the owners of assets tokenize them.

Why tokenize? Because tokenization helps in the liquidity of the assets, making them easier to sell or to divide whenever you need it. The blockchain also minimizes transaction costs, which can be very prohibitive in the standard financial market.

It is important to notice that The Elephant is already a company that exists and sells shares of popular tech companies, but it is investing in blockchain technology right now to create a market that will incorporate these new tokens.

How Private Company The Elephant Tokenized Liquidity Works

Basically, the platform finds companies that fit its model (are still pre-IPO and having raised at least $50,000,000 USD in the last year, have capital investors) and buy shares from these companies. After that, the company charges a small fee from the sellers and puts the shares on its market.

A good reason why sellers would decide to sell these shares is to increase their liquidity when they need money. Investors from The Elephant will be able to buy valuable shares without having to pay too much for them, as the minimum that the investors can sell is $100,000 in shares and you do not need to buy them all together.

The holders of the shares only need to pay a fee of 1% per year to the company as a maintenance fee. Now, the company will start to use the blockchain technology to tokenize its own assets and enter in the crypto market.

The Elephant PEC Token ICO Details

The Elephant will be selling Private Equity Tokens (PEC tokens) to start the introduction of the platform on the blockchain market. To be able to hold the PEC tokens from the company, you will need a The Elephant Platform Wallet, which can only be acquired after you have passed Know Your Client procedures and is deemed as an accredited investor. You can buy it using USD, EUR, BTC and ETH.

The PEC tokens are ERC20 compatible and they will be security tokens instead of the common utility tokens, so they will be more like shares than coins.

The date of the token generation event and the price of the PEC tokens was still not revealed by the company at the time of this report.

The Elephant Team And Portfolio

The two founders of The Elephant are Chaim Schiff and Sigalit Cohen, both acting as co-CEO of the company. Idan Miller is the Chief Marketing Officer, Ido Ungar is the Chief Operations Officer and Hannit Cohen is the Chief Technology Officer. The two main partners of the company are Zirra and Bancor.

The portfolio of The Elephant consists in many companies like Circle, PagerDuty, V-Wave, BlaBlaCar, ezbob, Gett, IronSource, Outbrain, Bigcommerce, LiveU, Palantir, and Kenshoo.

The Elephant Conclusion

This looks like a solid platform to make investments. If you look on the internet, you will see that many famous financial rating companies have rated The Elephant very well, so this is a trustworthy company. Be advised that this is not a small investment, though, as even the smallest investments you can make are still more expensive than many cryptocurrencies.

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