The first ever fast sync mode for Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin owners to launch a node has been announced by BCHD. The update also saw three more RPC calls additions as well as the startup option introduced by the BCHD team. The blog bost on Medium from the Bitcoin Cash community read,

“This release brings three new RPC calls ― reconsiderblock (zquestz), gettxoutproof (swdee), and verifytxoutproof (swdee). The big new addition, however, is fast sync mode. Bchd is now the first and only implementation (between both Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin) to offer a fast sync option to users.”

The 0.13.0-beta2 version fast sync is an option developed by the BCHD team that allows the user to launch a node in less than 25% of the time traditional ways take. Current nodes require users to download and validate 140 GB worth of data on the block and could take up to 24 hours depending on the machine.

The latest fastsync command will allow the same process to be completed in less than 3 hours with only 3 GB of the data needed to launch.

For those more familiar with the quasi prune functionality on nodes, fast sync works in a similar manner only that it keeps the old data instead of deleting it. This allows users to still have all the information they need in a more convenient and efficient manner. Users can also add the prune function to their node to delete the previous data.

To integrate the fast sync feature, follow the guidelines here.

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