The Freedom Coin Review

Freedom Coin is a new token designed to challenge the problems that the cryptocurrency market is facing at this time. This was created to be a sustainable platform that might be able to give good long-term rewards for its investors.

Because of this, the company created a new cryptocurrency that would be specially designed with the people who have an appetite for a certain risk with high rewards and the best tech products. The Freedom Coin’s objective is to offer them all that.

The decisions made about the Freedom Coin will be taken by vote, which decentralized the power of these currencies and it increases the peace of mind of the investors/token holders.

The vision of the company is to create a cryptocurrency that will have real value as the type of asset that you should really hold on to. It will be governed by master nodes linked to a reward system.

The main team members of The Freedom Coin (TFC) are Douglas Bothma (founder and CEO), Liaan Roodt (CTO and developer), Ashton Dookhilal (graphic art director), Jessi Fann (public relations), Louis Nel (tech support) and Esté Rothmann (advisor).

How Does The Freedom Coin Work?

The Freedom Coin Works by using master nodes. They will use a similar technology to the one originally created for the Dash network. The operators of these master nodes verify the transactions made on the network and they have incentives to be honest because they will get financial returns for doing so.

By using master nodes, the Freedom Coin network is able to send money fast (almost instantaneously). The company also uses smart contracts that are alike to the Ethereum network ones.

You will be able to mine the tokens, which will be one of the main ways to make money by using the platform. The TFC tokens use a X11 algorithm, have a POS reward of 10 blocks, a master node collateral of 5,000, block size of 3 MB, max supply of 25,000,000 TFC tokens with 26% of them pre-mined and a block reward of 20.

The technology will be compatible with both Windows, Linux and MacOS, but not with smartphones at the moment, so be aware that this is not a mobile platform.

freedom coin homepage

The Freedom Coin (TFC) Token Sale

The pre-sale of Freedom Coin (TFC tokens) had already started at the moment of this report. You will be able to buy master nodes on this sale. If you buy during the current four weeks of the pre-ICO, you will be able to acquire a master node for 1 BTC. During the main sale, you will be able to buy master nodes for 1.5 BTC during the first week and then 2 BTC during the last two weeks of the sale.

The company has not yet announced the total number of master nodes that will be sold in the company’s ICO.

  • Token Symbol: TFC
  • Token Sale Starts: April 30, 2018
  • Token Sale Ends: June 30, 2018
  • Token Price: 1-2 BTC Each
  • Total Supply: 25,000,000

The Freedom Coin Verdict

This company is, unfortunately, not so revolutionary as it wants you to think that it is. It uses a technology that has already been used before on other types of cryptocurrency, so you couldn’t really call it something new.

Another point to take into account is that the Freedom Coin sale has already started and at the time of this report, it has not sold a lot of master nodes yet, so you have to ask yourself if this sale will really be successful.

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