The Hive Eco Honey is a company that claims to pay high interest rates with no hard work, skills, or experience required. Find out more about this program today in our review.

What Is The Hive?

The Hive, found online at, claims to be some type of organic honey distributor. In reality, the company is a high yield investment program (HYIP) scam. The Hive promises to pay you an enormous return on your investment for no apparent reason – you pay a fee to join the company today, and the company will double or even triple your money in just a few days or weeks.

The Hive doesn’t seem to sell any products or services, nor do they have any type of investment program in place – so it’s unclear how they make such enormous returns on their investments.

In any case, The Hive sells a number of different “eco honey” packages with flowery names like “Clover” and “Rosemary”. At first glance, you might think The Hive is a legitimate eco-friendly honey distributor. However, it’s a blatant investment scam with no products available for sale.

How Does The Hive Work?

The Hive is an obvious scam, and the company hasn’t really made an effort to hide the fact that it’s a scam.

The website features a number of different investment packages. You’re encouraged to pay a fee to join an investment package, and then start magically earning an enormous ROI every day.

There are no products or services being sold here. The Hive has taken the time to make a page featuring different honey products and prices – including Avocado Honey and Manuka Honey priced at around $25 per bottle – but there’s no way to purchase these items from the website.

Like most investment scams online today, The Hive makes its money exclusively through memberships. There’s no product or service being sold here: the company continues running until it can no longer attract new members, at which point the entire scheme collapses.

The Hive Investment Packages

The Hive Eco Honey advertises all of the following scam investment packages:

Clover: 1% daily ROI for 22 days ($10 minimum investment)

Rosemary: 5% daily ROI for 40 days ($1000 minimum investment)

Wild Flower: 6% daily ROI for 22 days ($25 minimum investment)

Lavender: 35% weekly ROI for 4 weeks ($50 minimum investment)

Manuka: 333% ROI after 80 days ($1000 minimum investment)

No matter which investment package you choose, you’re never going to see your money again. The Hive, like other investment schemes, will take your money and collect it into a fund, then disappear once enough people have been lured in. Everyone except for the founder and a few high-ranking members will lose money.

We can find no reports online of anybody successfully withdrawing money from The Hive. If you do see someone talking about withdrawing money successfully, it’s almost certain that they’re trying to promote their affiliate link.

The Hive Affiliate Plan

The Hive, like most pyramid schemes, encourages members to tell others about the scam. You get paid 7% commissions on first level referrals, 2% commissions on second level referrals, and 1% commissions on the third level.

The remaining commission fee gets passed to the top of the pyramid. If you pay the company more money, then you may be bumped up to higher commissions of 11% on the first level.

Who’s Behind The Hive?

One of the easiest ways to spot a HYIP scam online is to look for the founding team. Typically, these people refuse to disclose their identities online.

We can find no information about The Hive online at their official website. The company doesn’t tell users any information about itself. We do have a one fake address in Manchester, UK, and an email address at [email protected] Aside from that, however, the company is completely anonymous, and there’s nothing preventing the company from disappearing with your money when the site shuts down in the near future.

The Hive appears to be run by a Russia-based team of scammers.


The Hive is a blatant investment scheme that tries to lure you in with promises of “organic honey” and other products. In reality, The Hive doesn’t sell any product or service – it’s a blatant scam that revolves exclusively around new memberships. The scam will likely continue online for a few weeks until it’s collected enough money, and then disappear from the internet forever.

If you want to hold onto your money, avoid The Hive and its HYIP scam.

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