Recent statistical studies have shown that charitable donations made by individuals and other organizations rose by nearly 3 percent in the year 2016. In terms of actual numbers, we cans see that a total of $390 billion was given away as charity last year. Out of this figure, nearly $282 billion came from individuals, while the rest came from organizations and groups. Lastly, it might sound absurd, but the 50 largest individual charitable donations that were made last year amounted to nearly $5.6 billion.

What Is The Holy Coin?

Holy Coin is an all new ‘global charity platform’ that aims to brings together various Non Profit Organizations and other charitable individuals. It also aims to become the fastest medium of getting funds transferred without any issues of transaction fees, and other hidden costs. Some of the key features of this service include:

Global Usage Capability: users have the ability to choose to donate to causes and projects that are listed by NGO’s from all over the world.

Saves Money: as mentioned earlier, the Holy Coin platform helps reduce processing and security costs. In fact, it has been shown to increase growth and scalability of projects that are offered for public consideration.

Quick Transfers: all of the transactions that take place are instant, and thus can help people procure funds more easily.

Market Cap: according to analysts who have worked with the company, Holy Coin (the primary token used by the platform) has the potential to have “a market penetration ability of up to 1 billion dollars in the next three years.”

Smart Contracts: all of the funds that are stored, are done so with the use of ‘smart contracts’. These digital contracts have been shown to help eliminate “counterparty risk” and even allows for automated payments to take place.

Why Use Holy Coin?

First of its kind: while there may be similar services that have been launched in the recent past, Holy Coin is the first ‘Fundraising Cryptocurrency’ that allows for the use of the crypto network for humanitarian purposes.

Stable Platform: due to its highly user friendly interface, Holy Coin can be easily used by organizations such as Red Cross, UNESCO, UN, Save The Children, World Relief, Refugees International, Action Against Hunger, People in Need etc.

Blockchain Based: owing to the fact that the platform is ‘blockchain based’, it is able to be highly secure and free of any issues related to privacy and information leaks.

The Holy Coin ICO Details

The Initial Coin Offering will take place between the 24th of November and the 8th of December. There will be a crowdsale cap of 10,000 ETH. In terms of the total number of tokens, there will be 12,000,000 Holy Coins created. In terms of pricing, 1 ETH works out to nearly 9,000 tokens.

From a distribution point of view, we can see that 40% of the raised funds will go to the core development team, while 25% will go towards product marketing. The rest of the funds will be split between issues related to operational costs, security and legal maintenance. All unsold tokens at the end of the sale will be burnt.

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