The Master Token: Ron Paul Crypto Briefing and Crypto Capital by Eric Wade

New Crypto Capital research newsletter surfaces on Ron Paul Crypto Briefing show where crypto miner and investor Eric Wade shared his secret The Master Token report on a $.01 coin set to have a stellar 2020 year.

The Master Token: Ron Paul Crypto Briefing Presents Eric Wade's Crypto Capital by Stansberry Research

Recent news broke about The Master Token report from Crypto Capital by Eric Wade who appeared on the Ron Paul Crypto Briefing to present his monthly cryptocurrency newsletter.

Here is what the Crypto Briefing presentation covers from a 10,000 foot view:

  • The Next Bitcoin will not be a currency
  • Massive Threat to Uber, eBay and AirBNB
  • Ron Paul acquired his first bitcoin last month
  • The new technology is bigger than bitcoin
  • Free recommendation with 1,000% upside potential
  • Why “Tokens” will fuel the 2020 crypto boom
  • Cryptos will change the way you do business
  • This is the future of blockchain
  • Soon, every company could have a ‘token'
  • The End of the Middleman
  • The Master Token will fuel the blockchain
  • Ron Paul's surprising announcement
  • Tokens could soon redefine banking
  • Where a $100 investment could make you $500,000
  • The #1 token to buy right now


What is the Ron Paul Crypto Briefing and Crypto Capital?


Every smart investor consistently seeks out ways to improve their returns, but the stock market hasn’t been performing how some consumers would prefer. Cryptocurrency offers an opportunity for investors, but Bitcoin’s cost now makes many consumers weary of getting involved. The recent Ron Paul Crypto Briefing interview may provide a next opportunity at barely a fraction of the price as the 12-Term US Congressman thinks the USA's greatest export is paper and money and that the ‘system is going to fail'.

In the start of this Crypto Briefing video for this Crypto Capital newsletter program, Jared Kelly of Stansberry Research introduces Dr. Ron Paul, who he describes as a “sound money expert, longtime gold advocate, critic of the Federal Reserve, and cryptocurrency enthusiast.” The American public also knows him for his 12 terms as a US Congressman. Kelly also introduces Eric Wade, who he says is now a “hero of the underground crypto mining community,” as well as a crypto analyst.

Wade and Paul have seemingly come across a cryptocurrency asset that is worth less than $0.01, which Wade has called “the next bitcoin,” and he believes that everyone will be clamoring for a piece of the action next year. Wade clarifies that the asset is “NOT a currency in any normal sense of that word.” However, he adds that it will change the way that businesses handle themselves.

Wade doesn’t believe that Bitcoin is over at all, adding that he’s been an “enthusiast” for quite a while, even gifting his daughter and new son in law with a mining rig to commemorate her nuptials. He adds that the “next bitcoin” is already being used in over 100 countries, is trustless, and has already been presented to financial institutions, corporations, and governments, explaining that the asset isn’t just the work of a couple small engineers or programmers.

Eric Wade’s Exclusive Experience

This is hardly the first time that Wade has discovered an asset at the ground floor, as Kelly sheds light on the Verge cryptocurrency, adding that Wade experienced a “3,000% gain.”

eric wade crypto investment in Verge

Litecoin, which is one of the top cryptocurrencies in the world by market cap, also brought Wade some fortune. In fact, the included graph online shows that Wade managed to get in early enough to gain 1,314% in a seven-month period.

eric wade crypto investment in Litecoin

Wade also gained 158% on a relatively unknown cryptocurrency called Komodo. Essentially, Wade has been a part of almost every major conference on cryptocurrency, and he even recently spoke at the World Crypto Conference.

“The Master Token”

ron-paul-crypto-briefing-master-tokenWade refers to the new cryptocurrency asset as “The Master Token,” as Kelly asks to be walked through the information that consumers need to know. There’s a big difference between a coin and a token, according to Wade. Coins are meant to be used as currency, as they are meant to be used with the same purpose as cash – for payment. Tokens are meant for functions, which is the point of this new asset.

The goal of this token is not to be used as payment, but as “a way of connecting your small business to crypto technology.” The technology that Wade is referring to is blockchain technology, which is the basis of most cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology connects all of these transactions over a network, which is entirely trustless and transparent.

Wade explains:

“You can buy hundreds and thousands of different tokens, which allow you to access the blockchain and use it in a variety of different ways to your advantage.”

Why Cryptocurrency?


Cryptocurrency is still a relatively nascent industry, showing up when the financial economy was struggling. Paul points out that the upcoming elections will not likely have any impact on the industry at all, since cryptocurrency can’t be controlled by any specific government. That makes the industry an ideal place for consumers to protect their investments and their wealth.

Paul explains,

“[T]he main reason why that is the case is the price of money cannot be regulated by an outfit like the Federal Reserve. It's artificial. If we regulated every price in crypto and they were always set, it would ruin the market. There'd be no market. And that's what fixing the interest rates does. It ruins the market and it also causes deficits, malinvestments, and a lot of disappointed people. Because the government fails in what they're supposed to be doing.”

Wade added,

“[M]ost people don’t realize that the idea of a digital currency isn’t new. There have been attempts dating back to 1982, when a guy from U.C. Berkeley tried to introduce a digital currency. And there was an attempt at creating electronic gold. In both cases, what destroyed the project was the government. The genius of bitcoin is that it was created by an anonymous programmer or group of programmers named Satoshi Nakamoto, with no central office for the government to raid and shut down. And no central system, either.”

Wade’s Warning About Crypto


Despite the faith in the trustless crypto network, Wade warns that “there are a lot of bad cryptos out there,” since there are many developers that don’t actually deliver on the value that they promise. He says that BitcoinX and Monero Classic are examples of these types of tokens but adds that the HempCoin (THC) is the current asset to worry about.

The cannabis industry is growing at a rapid pace, and Wade even states, “I’m sure some cannabis coins and tokens will do fantastic things.” However, this is not one of those coins. Wade boldly warns, “Stay away from HempCoin right now.”

In addition to Verge and Litecoin, Eric Wade did mention Enigma (ENG), RavenCoin (RVN),  ChainLink (LINK), DecentBET (DBET) – but in his eyes and team's best estimate they think this one Master token (which is not a cryptocurrency and is more of a tokenized asset) has the merits to have a super 2020 calendar year during the next bitcoin halving and bull market cycle.

That is why The Master Token special report on ‘How to Make 5 to 10 Times Your Money on the Coming Crypto Boom' and the monthly advisory ‘Crypto Capital' is focused on finding the best cryptoassets to inveset with in the budding blockchain tokenization era.

The Crypto Capital Subscription


Considering the path that the US dollar has taken over time, losing its value, Wade believes that Bitcoin will follow the same path. However, the host of this interview asked, “If blockchain achieves mass acceptance, and its reserve currency is bitcoin, what would happen to its price?” Paul stated that Bitcoin’s value would rise significantly.

The goal of this whole advertisement is to get consumers involved in Crypto Capital, a subscription that gives investors information about the best way to presently invest money. Many consumers report major gains, making this subscription fairly valuable. However, it is presently priced at $2,500 as a one-time offer to consumers, giving access to users for one year at half of the typical subscription price.

By signing up for the monthly newsletter, consumers will receive:

  • A full year of access to Crypto Capital with predictions, recommendations, warnings, and analysis of the cryptocurrency industry, which could make consumers up to 50 times the money they invest.
  • Immediate access to recommendations for 24 individual cryptocurrency tips.
  • Video updates weekly, as Wade discusses breaking news on the industry.
  • A research report called: “The Master Token: How to Make 5 to 10 Times Your Money on the Coming Crypto Boom,” which shows consumers how to buy and sell cryptocurrency, among other details.
  • Access to over a dozen videos that show how to buy, sell, and store cryptocurrency.

To purchase this Crypto Capital investment system, visit here now.

As mentioned, Jared Kelly, who is the Managing Director of Stansberry Research is the one who kicks off the Crypto Briefing event with Ron Paul and long time Los Angeles crypto miner Eric Wade.

Even though there is information about the subscription and about some of Wade’s predictions online, consumers may find themselves with other questions. The customer service team can be reached by calling 800-261-2693. As for the 12-Term US Congressman Ron Paul, he expresses inquisitive and bullish sentiments throughout the entire Crypto Briefing video with Eric Wade and the Crypto Capital Master Token program.

If the user is unhappy with the results of subscribing to Crypto Capital, the purchase is covered by a 30-day refund policy. However, the refund is seemingly limited, as Stansberry Research states that the user “can apply [the refund] to any other Stansberry Research product.”

Click here to watch the Crypto Briefing event with Ron Paul and hear from expert Eric Wade and his Crypto Capital newsletter about ‘The Master Token' you need to know about in 2020.

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