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The Sun Exchange, found online at, aims to buy solar cells and lease them to schools and businesses in sunny environments. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is The Sun Exchange?

The Sun Exchange is a platform that allows users to lease solar panels and sell solar energy. Users are paid in local currency or bitcoin.

With The Sun Exchange, you can buy solar cells and lease them to schools and businesses in the sunniest places on earth. The platform aims to cater itself to “mainly Africa”, where communities can particularly benefit from new solar panel technology. The project is led by a South Africa-based team of solar panel specialists.

The Sun Exchange will arrange your monthly lease rental collection and distribution, then pay you in local currency or bitcoin.

Overall, The Sun Exchange describes its platform as “solar powered money”. Using the platform, anyone can buy solar panels online in minutes, then receive rental income through a blockchain-based payment system.

How Does The Sun Exchange Work?

The Sun Exchange is building solar panel arrays throughout Africa. Periodically, the platform’s website,, lists crowdsales for solar panel arrays. You can buy a certain number of solar cells by purchasing tokens online in minutes.

Some of the recent projects featured on The Sun Exchange including a 60 kW solar garden in Knysna Elephant Park, South Africa, and a 17 kW array at CROW Wildlife Rehabilitation in Durban, South Africa.

Both of the above projects are sold out, and the arrays are 100% complete.

Here’s the basic process you can use to participate in The Sun Exchange:

  • You browse The Sun Exchange’s marketplace to look for investment opportunities, then buy a solar cell online in minutes; The Sun Exchange accepts national currencies and bitcoin
  • You receive rental income through a blockchain-based payment system; solar projects are insured against fire, damage, and theft
  • Your solar cells continue to generate wealth from sunshine for 20 years, giving you “an effortless source of sustainable income”

Overall, The Sun Exchange is a marketplace where users can purchase solar cells, then have those solar cells power businesses and communities in the sunniest locations on earth. Solar cells purchased through The Sun Exchange can be leased to hospitals, factories, schools, and other end-users, giving investors 20 years of solar powered rental income wherever they are in the world.

Each “solar cell” is one of many parts on a solar panel. Typically, a solar panel is made up of 60 solar cells. These cells are the component that generates electricity when exposed to sunlight. Users pay you per kWh of electricity consumed.

The transaction is guaranteed through a “Lease Agreement” that’s arranged by The Sun Exchange.

After buying solar cells through The Sun Exchange, you can track the performance and activity of your solar cells through the platform’s dashboard.

Who’s Behind The Sun Exchange?

The Sun Exchange is led by Abraham Cambridge, Founder and CEO, Larry Temlock (Co-Founder and CFO), Morwesi Ramonyai (CCO), and Lisa Lyhne (CTO).

The company is based in Woodstock, South Africa.

The Sun Exchange expects most of its projects to be in South Africa and other nearby countries. The area has a great opportunity for solar power: the region receives twice as much sunlight as countries like Germany and Spain. Solar is also the lowest-cost option for electricity. The only drawback is that solar panels come with a high upfront cost. Many southern African communities, hospitals, schools, and other organizations cannot afford that upfront cost – which is a problem that The Sun Exchange seeks to solve.

Overall, The Sun Exchange describes itself as an “enthusiastic team of solar professionals with an incredibly broad mix of expertise.”

How Do SolarCoins Work?

SolarCoins are digital tokens created as an incentive for solar producers. They can be traded through cryptocurrency exchanges and converted into national currency.

Any solar installation owner can register to the SolarCoin network and receive a SolarCoin for each MWh (1,000 kWh) of solar electricity.

Sun Exchange Conclusion

The Sun Exchange is a marketplace where investors can purchase solar cells, then lease those solar cells to communities in need. The platform regularly uploads crowdsales online for various solar panel projects being developed throughout Africa (mostly South Africa). You can buy solar cells as easily as buying digital tokens. Then, as a solar cell owner, you can lease those solar cells to communities, schools, factories, and more, giving you guaranteed rental income over a 20 year period.

It’s all built on blockchain technology. Users get paid in bitcoin or local currencies, and payments take place over blockchain. To learn more about The Sun Exchange, visit online today at

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