The tataUFO Dapp Is A Social Network Blockchain TTC Protocol

Tataufo is a campus social software and application, founded in April 2012 by Zheng Yuyu, and based on Peking University's “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” project. The platform targets the young people of China especially university students.

The main aim of the platform is friend matchmaking and recommendations. TataUFO enables its users to discover new things around them. Through its contact synchronization, it also enables its users to get and maintain a large circle of friends. Since the platform’s main users are the young, it enables them to experience growth while also enjoying their youth.

In the beginning of 2017, the platform was upgraded to tataUFO 5.0; some of the major features that came along with the upgrade included the synchronization of contacts and optimized personal data of big contacts, which helped the users to develop a wider range of friends.

In order to reawaken the expression of young people and provide them with a pure and dynamic social environment, the upgrade was packed with a series of fun functions such as the breakpoint video, flash shooting, and expression pack search. The upgrade also had a video gameplay that allowed user to easily play small videos due to feature such as breakpoint pat, multi-segment video recording, and video splicing of different scenes

Occasionally, Tataufo organizes activities in order to encourage participation from their users. The most recent activity was the 48-hour limit intern, which aimed at finding out the ability of the platform to perform at universities. Students who wanted to participate in the internship registered. After that, a few qualified students were screened out to participate in the internship. The interns were then divided into two groups and each group is given a set of tasks that they should complete within the 48 hours.

The platform was initially opened to students from three universities, however it has since grown in the number of users it has and the number of universities that it is open to.

The platform enables its users to discover the uniqueness of their surrounding and be able to share it with their friends. Users can explore a completely new fun world and identify interesting activities and facts. Through the infinite possibilities of technology, commerce, innovation and commerce connecting with people have been made easier and this has been further enhanced by the platform.

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