The Tip Token

Traditionally, tips were viewed as method of appreciating the deed of another person. To date, this culture is still present. As a result, tips have become a norm in several sectors of the economy, especially the service industry.

What Is The Tip Token?

The Tip Token TTT coin is utility token that leverages blockchain technology to disrupt the way tips are given. Essentially, it is a an ERC20 compliant token that works on the Ethereum blockchain, and intends to use smart contracts to establish the world’s pioneering automated and decentralized tipping solution that is also all-encompassing. As expected TTT transactions are fast and instantaneous.

The Tip Token Address Simplification

An archetypal ERC20 token, the wallet address of TTT on the Ethereum blockchain always starts with 0x followed by 40 alphanumeric random characters. This address is an essential component of any transaction involving TT tokens. However, due to its complex nature, most user are obligated to write it down or save it somewhere to avoid forgetting.

TTT will revolutionize this addressing system, providing a mechanism where user can choose their desired username. While this new system will still maintain the support for alphanumeric characters, TTT wants the new addresses to resemble social media handles or email usernames.

The Tip Token Cryptocurrency For Tipping Advantages

As mentioned earlier, TTT will deploy smart contracts to assist in the delivery of tips. The smarts contacts will initiate a loyalty rewards system that automatically gives discounts and other incentives to customers who tip using the TTT token. In return, businesses will attract more clients.

The Tip Token Ecosystem


The TTT platform will pay close attention to the best ideas s presented by its members and implement them if they are useful to the project. This is in line with one of the core missions of this project, which is to foster the mass adoption of distributed ledger technology.


The TTT website will have several features aimed at enhancing the browsing experience of the user.

Social Media

To increase its client base, TTT intends to launch multiple bots across the major social media platforms. The pilot phase of this project will be ran on Telegram. Users will vote to decide the sequence in which the other bots are to be deployed, including the particular social networking platform to which they are to be launched.


The TTT digital wallet will provides of managing, sending and receiving TTT tokens. It will be available on both mobile and desktop platforms.

Website Widget

TTT will develop an easy to use website widget that member companies can easily integrate into their websites to enjoy the privileges of the TTT tipping system.

Community Games

TTT will provide several games on their websites through which members can earn TTT tokens.

The Tip Token TTT Coin ICO Details

To fund this ambitious project, TTT will mint a total of 600,000,000 tokens. The tokens will be distributed using the following criteria:

  • 15% – private investors
  • 20% presale
  • 30% – crowdsale event
  • 15% – reserves
  • 20% – team

The set price for TTT token during the crowdsale will be $0.0045, though this figure will vary in the other stages of the ICO. A majority of unsold tokens will be destroyed.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: TTT
  • Token Sale Date: June 13th – July 1st, 2018
  • Total Supply: 600,000,000
  • Token Standard: ERC20 Compliant Token
  • Hard Cap: 24,230 ETH

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