The Truth About Cryptocurrency Con Man Dave Kerr III After Scam Reports Surface

Dave Kerr III Reports Update

*This article is not our opinion and based purely on the and this reddit thread and will continue to update the story as more facts surface:

Update From Dave Kerr III Himself

  1. I have NO contract with that group. None. they are just an angry group of people that dug up bogus articles from my past
  2. I have a contract with 1 individual for $150k USD, not half a milion of anything. and not a group of people. one of the members of that group IS my friend, and we are still in contact throughout this. again, this is just a few angry people.
  3. Nobody stole anything. nobody hid anything.
  4. The other articles posted are false and have already been removed, the previous arrest charges were dismissed.
  5. The bar of FINRA is for failure to respond to a renewal, not for any wrong doing

The Initial Reporting:

According to the Reddit user vakardien9r, David Kerr III stole his and other individuals money up to $500,000 dollars. The user has decided to share his story in the famous social network Reddit. He uploaded an article in which he explains that Mr. Kerr has been asking for money and conducting illicit activities.

The post starts saying that shows Mr. Kerr as barred from acting as a broker, but there are some images that show him asking for an important amount of money in a Bitcoin Group from Facebook. Moreover, David Kerr presented himself as partner of Cascata Fund partners, LLC, from where he was fired just days before he sent that letter to the user he scammed. wrote:

“Authorities said Kerr stole credit cards and used them for transactions at multiple businesses in Skaneateles.”

The news outlet informed back in October 2016, that 33-year-old David. R. Kerr III made purchases at multiple businesses throughout Skaneateles with a credit card that did not belong to him.

Later, the Reddit user explains that he wanted to meet with him several times and Mr. Kerr missed 6 meetings in less than a month. Between April the 6th, and May the 2nd Mr. Kerr was not able to meet with this Reddit user because of different excuses.

At the same time, Mr. Kerr decided to change the ETH address used by the team of Refereum (a cryptocurrency) to buy tokens. The user thought that he was sending the money to the official Refereum address, but the truth was that Mr. Kerr changed the address for his own. Later, the funds from his address were moved to Binance, one of the most important cryptocurrencies in the market.

Now, this Reddit anonymous user is giving away $50,000 dollars in order to send Kerr to the justice and local authorities. During all this time, Kerr was able to steal over $500,000 dollars from investors that wanted to buy Referum tokens, but ended up scammed.

It is always important to remember that cryptocurrency scams happen very often. Since the very beginning of virtual currencies scams have been invented, hackers have stolen funds, and it will not stop in the future.

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