The World News TWN Review

The World News is the world’s “first anti-fake news platform”. Find out how it works today in our review of TWN.

What Is The World News?

The World News is a blockchain-based news platform that aims to reduce the spread of fake news. The platform wants to offer news to anyone worldwide regardless of their location, language, political system, or religion.

As the official website explains, “the goal of the project is to become the largest decentralized news aggregator in the world with free access to the most objective information from around the world.”

The World News is in development by a Lithuania-based team. The company’s token sale is ongoing throughout February and March 2018.

How Does The World News Work?

The World News claims that up to 90% of news worldwide is “fake”. This “fake news” isn’t always a blatant lie: sometimes, it’s slightly altered due to the bias of the reporter, writer, or company, for example.

How does The World News plan to solve that enormous problem?

The World News will create a platform that collects “all the news on the planet”. The platform will then analyze the collected material and reveal what news sources are worthy of the readers trust and which ones are not.

The end result is a blockchain where the entirety of the world’s media will be recorded. That media can never be deleted by anyone. It cannot be censored or altered.

The World News is already processing daily news stories from around the world. In two months, the platform has already become the largest aggregate of news worldwide. The platform collects 60,000 news stories per day.

Obviously, individual employees cannot scan 60,000 news stories per day. That’s why The World News relies on the NewsBOT. Here’s how the NewsBOT collects articles for the platform:

Step 1

The NewsBOT collects news articles, then simultaneously checks articles for alterations or other differences

Step 2

All collected content is stored in a distributed, non-relational database that provides compact storage and quick access to data

Step 3

The hashtags of all news reports are stored in the bitcoin blockchain, allowing you to check news directly on the website either using the link on the blockchain aggregator (or you can check news manually).

Step 4

The self-learning neural network analyzes the content in the database and, based on morphological inconsistencies, identifies poor-quality content – like deleted or modified content – and automatically assigns the appropriate rating to the media sources – either reliable, dubious, or unreliable

As an example, The World News posts a story reported by CNN and other news agencies about street clashes in Jerusalem. A CNN article reported that one man was shot and killed during the clashes, with a crowd of more than 200 people involved. Later, that CNN article was updated to state that more than 300 people were involved in the clashes. The headline also changed:

Before: Deadly Clashes Erupt After Trump’s Jerusalem Move

After: Deadly Clashes Erupt After Friday Prayers

The World News’ NewsBOT checks for discrepancies between two different reporting news sources. It also checks for any alterations made by a news company after the fact.

How Do TWN Tokens Work?

The World News ecosystem revolves around the use of TWN tokens. The tokens can be used to pay for services on the platform, including advertising and other internal payments.

The pre-ICO for TWN tokens is scheduled for January 17 to February 3, 2018. A maximum of 10 billion TWN tokens will be sold during the pre-sale at a rate of 1 ETH = 50,000 TWN.

The World News is accepting ETH, BTC, BCH, and XRP. Of the total supply of tokens, 77% is reserved for the sale, 10% for developers, 10% for primary investors, 2% for bounties, and 1% for consultants. The main The World News TWN ICO, meanwhile, is scheduled for March 1 to March 17, 2018.

Who’s Behind The World News TWN?

The World News is led by founder Alexander Shevchenko and CEO Vitaly Shumakov. Shevchenko is the owner of a hockey club called HK Kryvbass. Shumakov, meanwhile, is a Vilnius University graduate who previously worked as Project Manager at and Russian Poker Tour, then moved into a management position at Dream Holding and Cardmates.

The company is based in Lithuania.

The World News TWN Conclusion

The World News aims to combat the rise of fake news by creating a platform that analyzes 60,000 news stories worldwide every day. The platform relies on a homegrown robot called NewsBOT. That system analyzes news stories for any differences – like differences between two reporting sources and any changes made after a story has been published.

To learn more about The World News and its ongoing ICO, visit online today at

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