There are at least 200 million people in 60 countries that belong to the geek culture. The Geek Culture is made up of people who are passionate about the fictional world. When like-minded people gather around various facets of Geek Culture, they are called fandoms. The number of fandoms in the world is large.

The TheFanDome Solution

TheFanDome solution is a universal solution that brings together and allows for the self-expression of geeks. Fans will also use it to interact with the audience. The platform will accentuate people’s hobbies and interests and give them an opportunity to tell the world what they are passionate about. The platform is pure Fan Tech, which makes it different from other social media platforms as it offers a platform for self-expression in addition to the function of making friends.

THEFADOME solution has its unique style and has a lot of atmospheric content that makes the platform different from any other products. Some of the platform features include fun religions, Geek Codex, and fan mythology among others. The platform will also move from a social network to a virtual government with administrators that will be elected by the users.

The administrators will have electronic passports among other attributes. The platform hopes to take the audience loyalty to another level and transform it into patriotism. It seeks to provide a solution to the problems faced by geeks. Some of the problems include:

  • Loneliness among others due to lack of understanding, bullying, and mockery from others
  • Self-expression obstacles characterized by limited and unvaried offline and online possibilities
  • Geeks waste a lot of time as they switch between the many fan sites.

Benefits To Users And Businesspersons

TheFanDome solution will provide the following to its users:

  • Convenient interactions with like-minded people
  • Interesting features on the platform that are based on the fan culture
  • The platform will be centralized and universal to satisfy the fan needs

THEFANDOME solution has the below features for its users

  • Can create themed communities and game plans
  • A search tool for organizing and searching for offline and online events
  • Can be used for posting, collecting, and rating other content
  • A functional fan profile that can be used to specify interests
  • A rating system and a fan hierarchy that is based on the activity of the user
  • Users can use the platform to buy, sell, and exchange fan art and fan stuff.

For the investors TheFanDome will:

  • Provide a fan base where businesses can sell their product to many fans
  • The platform will offer effective marketing ad-campaigns that are decentralized
  • The easy and direct communication between the users and businessperson will enhance customer loyalty.

Audience capture on the platform is possible due to the use of environmental crystallization that is the virtual spreading of information about the platform within and among the geek communities. The spread of the information will also be aided by the use of opinion shapers, the administrators of fandoms and authoritative fans.

The developers of TheFanDome solution has spent years in the development of the product. As experts in the field, they are well aware of the fans interests and hobbies. The platform has its unique style and a lot of atmospheric content, which makes it an attractive option to users and businesses in the geek industry.

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