These Five Cryptocurrency Tokens Could See Binance Exchange Inclusion Next

Discover Which Are The 5 Altcoins Up For Free Listing on Binance This Month

Binance is the most popular crypto exchange of the world and it generally takes quite a lot of money to be listed in a company like this one. However, the company will have the 8th of its Community Coin of the Month right now, which lets one out of five tokens be listed on the exchange completely for free.

This allows the users of the exchange to vote on their preferred ones and give them a chance to be listed. Curious to know which ones are in the competition this time?

The Five Cryptocurrency Tokens

Locktrip (LOC): A token for hoteliers and property owners that want to use the blockchain technology to rent their properties globally;

Libra Credit (LBA): Ethereum-based ecosystem that facilitates open access to credit;

NKN: network that is powered by decentralized blockchain technology and is focused on connectivity;

Mithril (MITH): decentralized social media platform that uses social mining to reward creators;

Polymath (POLY): security token issuing platform.

How To Participate

The users can participate in the voting process by paying a 0.1 BNB fee per submission. They can only vote once per candidate. However, for each 1 BNB that you have in your wallet, your multiplier will be increased by 1 up to 500. Which coin will win and experience the Binance effect?

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