Thieves Behind $1.8M Ethereum Crypto Heist Sentenced to 25 Years in Jail

Thieves Behind $1.8 Million Crypto Heist Sentenced Jail Time

Louis Meza, along with his ‘partners-in crime’, Allan Nunez, Cesar Guzman and Darrell Colon have been sentenced 25 years of jail time for attempting the $1.8 million Ethereum (ETH) robbery. The entire robbery was planned and executed brilliantly, however, the individuals failed to notice the surveillance camera.

Based on the claims made, Meza was the leader of the pack, who managed to get Nunez a church worker and Guzman an educational professional, to join the effort. He also hired Colon, who was part of the same motorcycle club as he was.

As for the robbery, the plan was to kidnap an Ether currency holder. Meza supposedly arranged a meeting with the victim, where Nunez took on the role of a taxi driver with Colon hidden in the back of the vehicle.

As soon as the victim entered the car, Colon who had a BB gun under his possession, threatened the victim into handing over the house keys and a memory stick, where the ETH was stored. With the keys, Meza went into the victim’s house and supposedly walked out with a black box, all of which was registered onto a surveillance camera. This all happened while the victim still remained in the vehicle.

The heist team were quick to transfer the funds into each other’s personal accounts, and before they could make the most out of the pocketing, Meza was caught red handed and taken away in May 2018.

During the hearing, Colon admitted to threatening the victim stating that he “stuck the gun in the guy’s ribs and took his stuff.”

Justice Melissa Jackson not only ordered their arrest but had placed a bail amount ranging from $50,000 to $100,000. Upon hearing this, the trio’s attorney did not believe that Guzman’s bail was realistic as he has and continues to contribute towards several charity work while taking care of his autistic nephew. However, this point was overruled, and his bail was finalized.

A similar argument was made on behalf of Nunez, who the attorney believed was “not suspected of being nearly as violent.” By the end of the hearing, Nunez, Colon and Guzman were detained on bail for $50,000, $75,000 and $100,000 respectively.

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