ThinkCoin has decided to sign a partnership with the California-based 0Chain in order to provide high-frequency trading to the TradeConnect exchange. ThinkCoin is the native token of the TradeConnect exchange and can be used in the platform by its users.

0Chain allows crypto-related projects create their own chain that would help them develop products specific to their needs optimizing their performance. Additionally, 0Chain will be improving the scaling capabilities of TradeConnect using decentralized cloud solutions.

The 0Chain platform is a famous start-up that appeared in the news some months ago after it was able to raise $39 million dollars before even launching its Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The company enables dApps to move their off-chain code and information to their decentralized compute and storage platform.

At the same time, TradeConect aims to create the world’s largest peer-to-peer multi-asset trading network. With this partnership, the company will be capable of supporting high-frequency trading and provide users with a low latency environment.

Among the 0Chain properties – which will be offered to the TradeConnect ecosystem – we can mention fast transaction speed and integrated storage at zero cost.

Representatives from both companies showed their interest in working together and develop blockchain solutions side by side.

Atif Yaqub, 0Chain co-founder, said:

“0Chain is pleased to partner with ThinkCoin bringing blockchain to traditional financial markets. 0Chain will provide high frequency on chain transactions, giving a fast and flexible solution to ThinkCoin clients.”

Furhtermore, Faizan Anees, Director and Co-Founder of ThinkCoin, explained:

“Collaborating with 0chain is a great honor and solid proof that our efforts are recognized by the blockchain community. We look forward to exploring the full spectrum of 0Chain protocols to make TradeConnect a robust and reliable blockchain-based trading network.”


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