The new platform, claims to be the best, fastest and easiest way for a new person to get their own personal bitcoins.

The company operates as a new startup of sorts that is designed to provide a massive scale cryptocurrency mining cloud service for the people on the platform. They’re extremely high-performance system is designed to help investors by giving them the ability to make virtual currency for themselves by the simple use of the system.

What Is Thorentum?

There is no maintenance on the platform, users can simply use it without having to worry about the installation and setup. The team at the platform has already done everything needed to ensure the system is working perfectly.

And with Thorentum, you have no concerns in terms of energy cost or consumption either. You can apparently forget about them entirely because they handle the cost. And they have partners who are also helping by giving cheap energy that will run and fuel the operations.

You can start investing with the company right away by picking up some of the XTRT Tokens. And once you invest, you’ll receive the tokens straight into your digital wallet. The token is built on the ERC20 Smart Contract standard and you can use it in a numerous amount of ways.

Not only that, but there are benefits to using the token:

For one, the ERC20 Standard is the most functional token standard when used in conjunction with smart contracts. And it is the standard base for Ethereum’s platform, as well as one of the most trusted tokens on a global level.

The XTRT can also be used to purchase Hash Rates in the marketplace. And it’s a fully tradeable token that can be used in a multitude of exchanges for getting BTC. Not only that, but the token is ultra-cheap as of now and is in the pre-sale period so you can get them at the lowest possible price.

What is the ICO on Thorentum?

The token pre-sale works like this:

Invest to get XTRT at only $0.4 USD per token between the 22nd of February -22nd March 2018.

The minimum investment for the platform is 10 XTRT to get in. And you can join right now at the company website. They accept all major credit cards like VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover – as well as PayPal, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The Pre-Sale is already over, but the ICO will be starting soon enough. The key right now is just to register and verify who you are. Then you can buy the tokens with your favorite payment methods and after that, get your tokens.

The website for the company has some charts explaining what you get with other ICOs on the first year, but they not necessarily true across the board. For example, they can expire, there are no-refunds if you decide you want to invoke mining or cancel and you can’t trade, plus they are on fixed values. And this is all according to the company website.

But according to them, there are major differences. For one, they don’t expire, for two you can sell the contract to another person, and you can trade on some of the different websites. There is a lot of other claims they make, as to how accurate that is yet to be seen.

The company promises to provide more than just great benefits, they also are promising to provide great benefits for using the XTRT Token. And they have a multitude of advantages apparently and are working to make one of the most outstanding platforms online. You can read more on their company website.

The platform is promising that it is an effective mining pool, that is based out of Thailand and is located in real situation land that doesn’t allow scams. They have a stable performing platform and the necessary hardware to run a massive mining pool that is real and uses a large cloud server to guarantee the best service possible.

The platform uses one of the best security systems available and it operates on a SSL encryption that is operated at a very high standard by the specialist engineer team.

Who Is Behind Thorentum?

The team at the company Thorentum is listed on the website, but unfortunately, there is no team bios or social media profiles where they can be validated. Until that happens, the team and company have to be labeled as a high-risk investment. It’s not to say they’re a great team, but they are not disclosing enough information to justify people investing large amounts of money with them.

Thorentum In Conclusion

The company is great for anyone in Thailand, but they still need to provide information on who they are in more detail. Just giving low quality pictures and no bios is not enough to decide on the quality of a team. I would watch Thorentum closely, as they are likely going to make big moves, but I wouldn’t invest much until we know more about them.

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