What Is Thorium?

Thorium is a token platform that operates on a cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency basis, set on a decentralized network. The exchange is set to add one token to the platform every 10 days according to votes made by people in the community. The platform will be able to offer a market price buying and selling options by using 25% of it’s profits to create a float for each and every crypto currency listed.

How Thorium Works

The platform is a cryptocurrency platform built on a decentralized network, where 10% of all their profit will go straight into growing a mining operation directly connected to the token in the same way the profit fees are on the platform. Basically, you don’t just get paid from transaction fees, you also get paid from mining operations and other ventures within the platform.

The main company believes that as far as cryptocurrency goes, it’s in the best interest of the industry to help individual investors grow their portfolio. They’re continually developing new investment options for as well as tools to invest into new cryptocurrencies.

Another benefit on the platform is the messenger system. The app will make it easy for you to stay connected with other cryptocurrency users who are looking to buy, sell or trade tips on the currency.

Thorium THOR Token ICO Details

THOR token is the main token used to fuel the rest of the platform. They will provide market price buying and selling options through the use of 25% of their profits in order to create a float for all of the available cryptocurrencies listed on the website.

The token will pay out profits to their users every 24 hours. Profits paid will be directly related to the currency in question. In time the platform is looking to pay community members back in accordance to a set of the funds made from the ten most successful cryptocurrencies.

Who Is Behind Thorium?

The main guys behind the platform are Anthony & Thor Rhodes, two brothers who got into the cryptocurrency game early on back in 2015. Once they were able to generate a considerable amount of income with cryptocurrency, they made a decision to put their capital to work. The choice they made was a new type of exchange, after one year of research and design, then even more into development, they created the community behind Thorium.

The main idea for the token as the exchange behind it, it would be able to survive even the biggest crashes like that seen at Mt. GOX. They built the system to be baked by real assets to ensure the community would be protected in case of an emergency. Along with that, the community would be awarded by paying out dividends from the mining operation they had set in place as well as from any profits the exchange would make off of transaction fees. The Thorium platform is promised to be available for use in the summer of 2018.

Thorium Conclusion

Thorium isn’t just looking to develop a platform to help investors build their portfolio. They’re also avid believers in charity, which is why they are partnering up with AIDcoin to help allocate funds to for donation. They will give their users the ability to select the charities that are best suited for them.

A lot of the focus will go into releasing NEWS about the platform as well, building portfolios is only a portion of the platform. Thorium is attempting to become a fair platform where people can vote on the changes made in the system. To learn more about the platform, head to Thorium.excange, where you can download whitepaper and find out everything you need to know about the system.

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