ThornCoin THRN ICO

As is clear for everyone to see, there are now new crypto based startups being released for public use on a daily basis. However, the main problem with such ventures is that they are not designed with set long term goals, and as a result of this, they often don't have the ability to yield stable long term results.

About ThornCoin THRN

ThornCoin can be thought of as an “open-source financial peer-to-peer cryptocurrency” that has been designed and built entirely within the Ethereum blockchain. One of the primary aims of this currency is to create a stable “self sustaining ecosystem” that can yield steady returns on all user based investments.

Why Choose ThornCoin?

Some of the key aspects of Thorn Coin which make it stand out in the market include:

Defined Vision:

A quick glance at the company’s official whitepaper allows us to see that this platform has been “meticulously planned out”, and there are clear goals that have set in regards to the future of this currency.

Established Team:

According to personnel based information in relation to the core team members of the company, we can see that all of the people associated with this project have been in the crypto domain for over 4-5 years.

In addition to this, the dev team members have previously been associated with companies that have built products within the blockchain, and have made use of technologies such as smart contracts etc.


According to information that we could find online, it can be seen that this platform comes with all of the required potential to scale up, as and when the market demand for the currency increases.


Another key facet of ThornCoin is that all of the digital wallets and accounts being offered to users are completely decentralized, and thus are completely independent from third part miscreants and hackers.

Key Features

Low Fees:

One of the main benefits of using this platform is its competitive fee rates. Since ThornCoin is based entirely within the Ethereum blockchain, it is able to charge processing fees that are just a fraction of what regular banks and financial institutions charge.


As with all high quality cryptocurrencies, ThornCoin is based on a peer-to-peer model which basically eliminates the need for any intermediaries, banks or other external parties.


To help instill market confidence, all of the private information, money that is stored within company servers has been bolstered via the use of encryption measures. Additionally, all of the payments are executed via the use of “smart contracts” that help in securing monetary transactions (irrespective of their volume).

Limited Supply:

Another key feature of ThornCoin is its use of a “Buy Back Program” that will allow customers to return their purchased currency and thus yield steady returns on them.

Inflation Resistant:

Since there will only be a total of 9 million THRN coins that will ever be created, this currency is not susceptible to uncontrolled market inflation and other unforeseen price surges or dips.

What Investment Options Are Being Offered To Me?


Through the use of the company’s lending program, investors will be able to reap steady returns of up to 43% on all investments that are above $1001. There are 4 different schemes that can be availed of. All of them can be viewed by visiting the official company website.


Another good avenue for increasing our flow of income is via the use of the company’s staking program. In all, there have been a total of 1.8m coins that have been set aside by the company for staking.


Trading of ThornCoin can be done on the company’s internal as well as other external verified online exchanges. The native exchange is currently under development and will be launched on the 15th of February, 2018. Alternatively, the token will also be made available on exchanges like Coinexchange, Livecoin and Cryptopia.

ThornCoin THRN ICO Coin Details

The company will make use of a native token to perform all of its transactions. The currency will be called abbreviated as THRN and there will be a total of 9 million tokens that will be created in all. Out of this number, 6.2 million ThornCoin THRN will be released for sale during the ICO, while the rest will be used for the creation of a bounty program, reserve fund etc.

The sale of coins will take place in 6 different phases, during whom the price of a single token will be maintained differently. Lastly, the coins will be compatible with most common ETH wallets including MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, Mist etc.

For any further doubts regarding this system, customers can get in touch with company representatives either via email ([email protected]), or through one of their social media outlets (namely twitter, facebook).

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