Thrintel Market

The internet is fast growing into a necessity for most businesses these days. Transactions involving money and goods are delivered every second through the technology. The internet is now becoming a corporate world itself rather than a place for entertainment. Today, most of our transactions are done online with the internet letting us do our daily operations with ease and convenience. On the other hand, internet security is becoming an issue for those who do business over the internet.

But, there are several ways in which you can prevent the risks of losing your money and transactions. A significant move by enterprises is by sharing their threat intelligence with others. But our current system still has flaws when it comes to sharing confidential and secure information. Thanks to the blockchain, we can now have a safe and secure platform of how we share our sensitive data.

What Is Thrintel Market?

Thrintel market is an Ethereum-based blockchain market that will promote the exchange of threat intelligence between researchers, enterprises, governments and more. The platform will incorporate the use of its crypto, SEC token, to facilitate the transactions within the ecosystem. As the first threat intelligence network of its kind, Thrintel Market will work through a decentralized, real-time secure exchange, which uses feedback and community ratings to assess threat intelligence. That will be possible through the use of blockchain technology.

Thrintel Market Threat Intelligence Sharing Benefits

  • Decentralized Database- the users have control over how they share data, what they should share and how. That makes the platform more efficient, easily accessible and fast.
  • Anonymity- while people have shied away from reporting threats, Thrintel Market will have a portal to share data anonymously.
  • Use of Verified accounts- each will require identifying his intended purpose of the platform with their authentic identity. That is to prevent scammers and allow for more accurate data within Thrintel Market.
  • Immutability- the database is secure from alteration or manipulation, and no information can be changed once within Thrintel Intelligence
  • Real-time transactions- the use of real-time transmission of data will allow for live updates, feedbacks and threat submission with zero fees for the data trade.

Who Are Eligible?

Although the project anticipates becoming a worldwide venture, the sale of SEC coins faces regulation in most countries. As far as the whitepaper goes, the team prohibits their token trading in over 25 countries with Canada and USA, leading among them. Additionally, there is no accurate assumption as to why such an action was necessary.

Does Thrintel Market SEC Coin Have Potential?

While its features may arouse interest within blockchain, I would not see enough reasons for taking threat analysis onto the blockchain since storage is still centralized. Therefore, I would say that Thrintel Market is an excellent venture with promise, but I would doubt it acceptance within organizations as per the current model in hand. Additionally, the project is focusing much of their effort focusing on PR rather than getting their platform on course. That is evident by the massive bonuses on offer just to get people on board.

Such a sale in the security sector is rare, and the hype is not necessary for ICOs in this industry. All-in-all, for small enterprises or any individual with security concerns on the internet use, can join the Thrintel Market community of security enthusiasts of the future generation.

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