What is ThunderCoin TUC?

The platform is a peer to peer based virtual currency that promises to give users nearly free instantaneous payments. It is said to work on a worldwide scale and run from one Thundercoin central server. The storage server is said to be completely decentralized. It apparently is divided across tons of different servers that are each connected to different networks.

How Does ThunderCoin Work?

The entire platform is your standard ICO scam. Thundercoin offers nothing special for anyone who uses it. The main purpose appears to be a lending platform and staking system. They also put a strong emphasis on the Lending platform. These new companies are continually popping up all over the place. And they are dangerous investments. It’s safe to say that you can consider Thundercoin a very high-risk investment. There are a lot of red-flags the company throws up.

And like most other scam sites, they don’t offer any unique solutions. Instead focus primarily on the lending platform and the ICO. While it’s true that companies often need to raise money to get started, companies like Thundercoin only care about the raising money aspect. They don’t spend much energy explaining how their platform is going to add value to the life of the user.

It’s a classic scheme that promises a lot of money to be made with little work and no skill. When a company promises ROIs in the hundreds of percent for not doing any work, there is something amiss.

What is the ICO on Thundercoin?

  • Name: Thundercoin
  • Symbol: TUC
  • Type: PoW/PoS Hybrid Blockchain
  • PoW Algorithm: Scrypt
  • PoW Reward 2 TUC
  • Block Time: 100 Seconds
  • Difficulty Retarget: Every Block
  • PoS Reward: 10% Monthly First Year
  • PoS Minimum Staking Time: 1 Hour
  • PoS Maximum Staking Time: Unlimited
  • Max Supply: 20,000,000 TUC

For the crowdsale, there is said to be 6 million coins being distributed during the ICO. It operates in 3 separate phases and one pre-sale. If all of the Thundercoin coins are sold, they move the remaining to the next round after a 24 hour period, but they are sold at a higher price the next day around. They claim there will be a high demand for Thundercoin, but there is no reason why that would happen. The coins don’t do anything special.

Who is Behind Thundercoin?

There is no disclosure as to who is involved with Thundercoin. The company site didn’t even work the last time I tried to access it. I had to review other reviews to learn about the company. They also give no information apparently as to where they are located. These two red flags are enough to show the true nature of the company and that they have something to hide. Transparency is the most important factor when it comes to a company and Thundercoin has no transparency whatsoever.

Thundercoin in Conclusion

They promise to be a fast-paced exchange system that you can send money all over the world in fractions of time for little to no costs. There isn’t anything special about what Thundercoin is promising, there are a ton of other companies online that can do the same thing and are actually credible. Save yourself some time and stay away from Thundercoin. We don’t even know who is running the show there and that’s dangerous.

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