Whenever I venture to explain the fundamentals of Blockchain to someone uninitiated in the concept, they become so enamoured with its revolutionary, trustless ideals. This is especially true for those who're all too familiar with the foibles of our existing economic infrastructure.

After taking a while to digest this game-changing proposition, I've found that they all ask one common question which often leaves me stumbling for an definitive answer. Why is it so difficult to educate people on such an obvious solution for an egalitarian economy where nobody gets to control anybody? What's the best way to spread the gospel of Blockchain?

As of right now, Blockchain's application is exclusive to cryptocurrencies which governments and mainstream media outlets are never going to be keen to promote, legitimize or even recognize as alternative currencies. One might even go so far as to say that, if anything, cryptocurrencies are a bane for governments.

But Blockchain is not just a means to a new economy. Blockchain is a means to a new world order with radically ameliorative impact in virtually every aspect of our life. The narrow outlook of Blockchain as simply new money illustrates a widespread lack of appreciation for its potency.

The best ways to take Blockchain to the masses are forums, community events, educational summits and tailored training programs. These events are happening all around the world. There could be one near you in the near future but how do you know? Where do you find out?

Eventchain (TicketChain) – An Event Near You

Founded by a team of professionals with backgrounds in blockchain technology, investing, PR and marketing, Eventcha.in by Byzantium ICO agency, launched in September, 2017 as a platform for tracking Blockchain events around the world.

The platform helps anyone with an avid interest in Blockchain find a conference or a meetup that piques their interest and they're looking to participate in. Eventchain offers event promotion, organization and communication and arrangement of participation in events.

Ticketchain's mission is to provide ready access to a full data about blockchain events worldwide and helping users make a choice that matches their preferences and interests.

The site includes information such as ticketing structure and pricing, type of event, time and place and a summary of event including agenda and a list of speakers at the event. There is also a blog section which summarizes activities from past events and a weekly ranking of top 5 events from the week.

Event organizers can contact Ticketchain to submit their own events which will then be listed and promoted on Ticketchain's website.

Ticketchain Team

  • Maxim Uperyaka – Managing Partner
  • Peter Bel – Managing Partner
  • Anna Kulikova – Project Evangelist
  • Valeriya Shyrshakova – Project Campaigner
  • Julia Ivanova – Project Assistant
  • Helen Sambur – Community manager

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