Tie Break Tens

It is exciting that blockchain and cryptocurrency, in particular, is radically changing how we perceive our FinTech sector. Consequently, this has opened doors for industries to catch up on the innovation and benefit. However, a surprising adoption of cryptocurrency has taken place in the most unlikely of place, and that is in sports.

For the respective sports enthusiasts and tennis, in particular, may have come across the Tie Break Tens game event. While it may be different from the accustomed tennis play, the game is gaining a widespread reputation, and now it plans to add another title to their popularity. Here's more on its background.

What Is Tie Break Tens?

Tie Break Tens, is a short version of our typical tennis format that features fast-paced matches between world-class players. The head-to-head tennis game is characterized by fast-paced actions due to the ten-point tie-breaks that determine the winner. That is unlike the conventional tennis rules of sets, as this relies on tiebreaks alone.

Each set sees the competitors battle out throughout prestigious venues around the world with each event holding a knock-out competition. The ultimate winner form the stages get prizes of $250,000. Currently, Tie Break Tens features series across several cities such as London, Madrid, New York, Melbourne and Vienna

How The Tennis Game Works

The Tie-Break Tens tennis tournament occurs in evenings, with each event involving eight players in a knock-out format. With such an arrangement the competition usually takes a short while with most events happening in a three-hour period.

Each match is a tie-break competition to achieve 10 points with an additional two-point margin. The knock-out formula culminates in the final and ultimate winner. Apart from this, all other traditional tennis rules apply to Tie Break tens

The TB10 Grassroot Initiative

The TB10 Play is Tie Break Tens' grassroots initiative aimed at introducing upcoming players to the quick-fire format present in their events. Tie Break Tens encourages tennis clubs and players to upload their score on the TB10 Play zone, the site hosting the scores, and all related tennis media.

Additionally, the site offers users exclusive tennis tips and content from leading TB10 ambassadors and players. Also, the TB10 platform also wants to assist tennis clubs in hosting their tournaments on a secure and verifiable portal.

Tie Break Tens Benefits

The potential for cryptocurrency to profoundly improve sport is evident from the reality of capabilities we are witnessing in other industries. Tie Break Tens have recognized this fact, and their motive could genuinely benefit the competition in the long run.

Fan Engagement

Tie Break Tens could be embracing the blockchain system to facilitate an efficient structure for their operations such as ticketing, logistics or even securing authentic feedback from fans. The technology could also improve fan loyalty through the reward schemes and bonuses the event may offer

Securing Donations And Winnings

Tie Break Tens is also known for their philanthropy towards encouraging the tennis sport among women and youth. Blockchain technology could obtain the funds that the event or members decide to donate. The prize money could be protected by the innovative blockchain technology.

Potential Currency Use

With the popularity of their TB10 Play system, Tie Break Tens could use the cryptocurrency as a means for members to purchase the event's merchandise or pay for memberships.

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