Time Money

Have you ever desired to meet someone such as a businessperson, artist, actor, guru, or the girl of your dreams for about 15 minutes or more? Maybe you needed some guidance in your life from someone you respect or business advice.

Besides that, you might just be looking for someone to sit down with and chat. The Time Money platform wants to ensure that it happens.

What Is Time Money?

The Time Money Application intends to come up with an integrated platform where all people can provide various services, coaching, consultation, and meeting request. They can create and request per minute meetings with the people.

The platform has a goal of ensuring that these meetings prove to be mutually beneficial, of great quality, and rewarding. The meeting providers may request for a meeting fulfillment via a frictionless, payment gateway powered by a smart contract. All transactions will be recorded on the blockchain.

The Time Money Aim To Pay For Services By The Minute

Developers of this project want to provide users with a simple, fast, and secure means of finding people that have varying skill sets. Today, there is no other app that allows you to offer your skills on demand and be paid for the time.

The per minute calculation system, rating system, payment system, and verification systems are the next generation of on-demand services. The current on-demand apps are niche oriented such as Uber for rides, Airbnb for rental, and others. However, there is no one application for persons offering services.

The on-demand market is growing and its real value is the time people spend working, talking, or assisting each other. The aim of this platform is to ensure that the time offers is mutually beneficial, rewarded and of high quality.

Time Money TMoney Token & ICO Details

The TMONEY coin will be used as the means of payment for the service provider’s time. Users of the TIME MONEY platform will control the coin. This will be an independent platform that is governed by the community. In time, creators of this project believe that the platform will replace the traditional job market and create a new way of how people get paid for their time.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token price: 0.33 USD
  • Token Ticker: TMONEY
  • Minimum purchase: 12 USD
  • Maximum purchase: 5 million USD
  • Pre-sale: 12 million TMONEY
  • PRE-ICO: 48 million TMONEY
  • ICO: 156 million TMONEY
  • Accepted currency: EUR, USD, BTC, ETH, LTC
  • Total tokens: 400, 000, 000 TMONEY
  • Hard Cap: 14.4 million USD
  • Soft Cap: 2.4 million USD

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