The emergence of cryptocurrency, with bitcoin being one of the pioneers, has come up with many investment opportunities. There are have been a rise in the number of investment platforms that claim to trade in the cryptosphere world. Although some of them are legit, others are utter scams, ready to take money from unsuspecting newbie crypto enthusiasts.

How then do then do you differentiate a legit bitcoin investment opportunity from a scam? Google is your number one stop. Before investing, check out for reviews about the company you intend to invest in from Google.

What Is TimeHash?

Timehash is an investment opportunity that claims to provide you, the investor, with daily returns. The company provides trust assets management through bitcoin exchanges. They claim that they are the only financial market that is able to guarantee a daily profit through the trading of cryptocurrencies.

Just like all these HYIPs assert, it has a dedicated team of experts in the field of Bitcoin mining who will ensure investors trade in profitable cryptocurrencies. They use high tech methods of doing business with a personal approach to every client in order to provide a distinct investment model to people seeking to use bitcoin not only as a method of payment, but also as a source of stable income.

Timehash limited is registered in the UK under company no 11155669. They even have a physical location at 39 Marsh Wall, London, United Kingdom, E14 9XL. This begs the question; why do most HYIPs claim to be registered in the UK? Is it easier for scammers to thrive there? Well, we are yet to figure that out.

TimeHash Daily Crypto Profits From Bitcoin Mining Features & Plans

With timehash.biz, you can earn 30% daily returns. Deposits and withdrawals are via bitcoin only. Here is a breakdown of their unbelievable rates.

  • 0.5% hourly (12% daily) with 0.001-1BTC
  • 0.63% hourly (15% daily) with 1.001-3BTC
  • 0.84% hourly (20% daily) with 3.001-5BTC
  • 1.05% hourly (25% daily) with 5.001-10BTC

Unlike most HYIPs, Timehash also pays profits on Saturdays and Sundays. On their website, you will find several proofs of payment. Why a company would want to display their clients Bitcoin addresses to the entire would doesn’t add up.

There are two level referral commissions, similar to most scams we have reviewed. The first level is that of a direct referral. This earns you a commission of 5% while the second level earns a commission of 1%.

Who Are The Faces Behind TimeHash?

If this site looks suspicious to you, it’s because it is. The site owners have not revealed their identity. A thorough research on the internet also showed that the site is being operated via a proxy to hide the real location. If it is a genuine company, why would the real owners want to hide themselves?

Furthermore, they have provided a phone number that can be used to contact them. We presume that is just a fake generated phone number that probably doesn’t work. There is also an email address that can be used for contact.

TimeHash Final Thoughts

Before joining any pyramid scheme, know that it can go either two ways; You could win, you could also lose what you had invested, and all the people you had convinced to join the Ponzi scheme.


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