While the use of blockchain technology is gaining headlines, the innovation is still a reserve of the tech-savvy generation. That is despite blockchain having immense benefits across the different sectors which are increasingly proving to have positive implications such as cost-cutting, security, and simplicity. But despite these benefits, the idea of widespread adoption is still yet to catch up as most people are however to put their trust in something they presume unreal.

To overcome this challenge and guarantee massive adoption there has to be a meaningful way, where users get an everyday use of cryptocurrency in their transactions. While most cryptocurrencies only aim for the utility, it is wise to offer more than just mass adoption features to the user. That means it is good to seek for what unique features on other crypto platforms. Here is one blockchain platform that is set to offer just that and more for our generation.

What Is Tip Blockchain?

TIP is a blockchain-based ecosystem that plans to promote the use of blockchain technology and in particular, cryptocurrencies to the masses.  The platform will connect users across a myriad of peer-to-peer networks and to merchants providing goods or services. To make it easier, TIP will also add the use of cryptocurrency to facilitate transactions and as a payment solution. Their goal is to foster a widespread usage for cryptocurrency across merchants and the ordinary consumers who want a more practical blockchain platform built for them.

While typically using cryptocurrency need knowledge on crypto addresses, QR codes and other sorts of technology, TIP will only require users and businesses to register through a username to identify them within the network. Once on the system, another user can search and discover your profile and conduct any necessary transaction they require with you. The transfer process will be swift, user-friendly and straightforward to encourage

Tip Blockchain Crypto Wallet & Messaging App Features

  • A Smart Address from where you can send the TIP Token to your friends, family or merchants
  • Merchant solutions such as a point of sale system to enable the acceptance of crypto payment between merchants and customers
  • Transaction Metadata- each transaction carries an arbitrary data that gives the identity info, payment memos, and receipt information
  • Search and Discovery option- all of the TIP profiles and data is indexed to enable searching options for users looking for businesses or other users.
  • Electronic wallet for both desktop and smartphone users to connect to the TIP network and conduct transactions anywhere they want.
  • Instant Messenger- a P2P messenger to connect and send TIP tokens between users.

Tip Blockchain Possible Gains And Challenges


  • Simplicity regarding registering, transactions and interacting
  • Convenience as one can carry TIP tokens on the go
  • Merchants get a ready-made payment solution for their services
  • Get to socialize with other users through the messenger
  • Secure mode of payment with full transparency


  • Overcoming the reputation of cryptocurrency especially volatility
  • Regulatory environment facing cryptocurrency
  • Lack of an understanding, or interest from the masses.
  • Lack of a sense of need

Tip Blockchain TIP Token ICO Details

If the project interest, you can participate in the ICO through the platform's main website. Purchasing the TIP token will need the use of Ethereum to facilitate exchange with the ERC20 crypto. However, you will need a minimum investment for the sale campaigns.

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