Buying and selling of products and services are nowadays faster than ever before. Thanks to applications and advanced online systems merchants can now readily accept payments from debit cards, credit cards or bank accounts through the online payment gateways. A gateway is a secure, automated system that ensures the amount from the buyer reaches the merchant. The services also process the transaction, authorizes it and then takes the liberty to accept or decline it based on the information feed into it. However, these online payment systems are less desirable due to some security and fraud cases facing them. Luckily, blockchain technology once again proves more competent with their very own peer-to-peer payment gateway applications.

What Is TipBot?

TIPbot is a real-time payment gateway for almost anything you can think of purchasing. The payment platform will act as a channel to introduce users with a non-technical crypto background to use digital currency as a mode of transaction. The most significant hurdle to cryptocurrency adoption is that most people are still unaware of how it can cater for purchases or payments. TIPbot is well aware of this fact and has taken to the liberty to simplify the world of crypto payments by introducing their payment system that works on a simple concept.

How TipBot Blockchain Crypto Payment Tipping App Works

TIPbot will work through a series of bots and apps to provide one of the world's first real-life cryptocurrency application. The TIPbot app will have the user tip many services he wishes ranging from plumbing, electrician, hotel waiter, delivery guy, family or friends. IIn addition to this, the user will not need to hold any account as the transactions only rely on the sender's email. Usually, when you tip with your credit card, only a portion of the tip is received. However, with TIPbot the full amount is received from the sender as there are no fees or charges for the transaction.

TipBot Benefits

  1. Easy to use- TIPbot only requires you to download the mobile applications, sign up with an email address and get started immediately.
  2. Quick payments- TIPbot users will experience real-time processing of the transactions, hence sending or receiving tips will happen quickly instead of waiting for several days.
  3. Secure- TIPbot customers are sure of their details safety as the only vital information for any transaction is only an email address. No identification is necessary to carry out transactions.
  4. Convenience- the utilization of the TIPbot mobile application and the cryptocurrency, TIP, gives the user the ample time to send tips whenever they feel like and at any time.
  5. Great ways to earn- playing for tips is not the only feature for TIPbot as it is evident you can also gain from the extra features within the payment platform. These include an affiliate program for new users, a minting option or through trading on the respective exchanges.

TipBot TIP ICO Details

The TipBot ICO is live now. You can invest in the ICO by purchasing TIP tokens with Ethereum through May 30th.

TipBot Verdict

There is a lot of factors that would go into judging the outcome of TIPbot in the long run. So far I would make a fair judgment by ranking the project as having much potential. While it may seem far-fetched, TIPbot could gain popularity with the society becoming cashless. Additionally, users won't need to worry about how secure their details or wallets are, as there is no need for such information. In essence, TIPbot is a valuable addition to the financial ecosystem and could prove essential if it works in the long run. The bottom line is to get the use of cryptocurrency into various users. If that is successful, then TIPbot is sure to make it convenient for more users.

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