Have you already imagined what it would be like if you were actually paid when people liked your Facebook posts? Tipper, the company that we are going to review on our blog today, did and decided to create an online platform in which that dream could turn into a reality.

What Is Tipper?

Tipper is a blockchain and social media company which has decided to create a platform in which the users would be able to monetize the content that they create and be paid when many people like their posts. If you produce any kind of content and you wish to show it to the world, but you are not sure that people would pay for it, this platform can be the right idea for you.

This company believes that, if the last decade represented the birth of the social media networks, we will witness the rise of the social economy in this current decade. By creating a decentralized platform powered by the blockchain technology and having its own cryptocurrency, Tipper intends to disrupt the social media market by paying people for the content that they create.

By creating the Tipper Blockchain, the company has decided to leave “likes” and “views” aside and instead create systems that reward the users through the monetization of the content. The company knows that people would like to fund people who need money to work in content that they enjoy consuming, but most people do not have a lot of money.

Because of this issue, Tipper has created a system in which people can tip content with small quantities of money, invest in content by paying a fee to the creators and much more. This enabled the company to create a system in which more than 250,000 microtransactions are made every day.

How Does Tipper Content Investing Network Economy Work?

The company works with four different pillars that make the business work. The first pillar is the tipping model. With the goal of transforming the tips into likes, the company enables its users to give money to the creator of the content instead of liking the post. This payment can be literally pennies.

If a lot of people like the content of someone, then this person can achieve a good quantity of money with its posts on social media. There are no limits on how much you could earn with a post. Maybe you would be able to buy a coffee, maybe the post would be able to pay for your whole month of work if it really went viral.

The second pillar is content investing. By investing in a channel, you will be able to earn a small percentage of what the owner makes. Users can sell shares of their channels and this will enable them to have money to jumpstart the production of the content while they will have to pay a percentage for the money or the promotion made by the investor.

The third pillar is the monetization of moments. The company does not make 100% clear why it exactly means by the monetization of moments, but it is clear that people will be able to tip you for creating moments that will not be forgotten by them and that you will be able to get a nice quantity of money by creating them.

The fourth and final pillar of the company are the branded tips. By using this system, companies will be able to pay for ad space and be able to send personalized tips with their brands for users that they want to connect with. This will be vital for the financial survival of the company, as it does not charge anything from the users.

Tipper TIPR ICO Details

To invest in Tipper, you have to invest in the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) that the company is having right now. The pre-sale is currently happening and the main sale will go from February 21 until March 20.

The total supply of tokens are 700 million tokens, but only 30% of them will be sold, the rest will stay with the founders (10%) and it will be mineable (60%). The price per token is $0.20 USD per token during the pre-sale and $0.25 USD per token during the main sale.

The hard cap of the sale is 50 million USD and the soft cap is 15 million USD. If the soft cap is not reached, the ICO will be canceled. If you refer people to the company, you will earn 5% bonus tokens.

Tipper Verdict

Is Tipper a good investment? Yes, it is, you can bet on that. This company has a great plan and it looks like it really knows what it needs to do to achieve success. This means that Tipper might be a very successful company in the future, which can make your investment a great idea.

It does not really matter whether you want to use Tipper or only sell the tokens back. For both cases, it can be a good idea to buy the tokens because they will probably get valuable with time. Because of this, our blog can surely say that, if you are interested in this company, it can be a great idea to buy tokens of this company and get a great return on investment in the near future.

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