Tiqpit is blockchain solutions provider that seeks to decentralize commodity trading. The idea behind the platform is to create an easy to use a network where the user can quickly and safely trade commodities. The system will support activities such as trading, supplies, logistic applications and general consumer support. Tiqpit will hold a Token Generation Event between February 2018 and March 2018.

Tiqpit’s Rationale

Traditional commodity trading lacks transparency and involves a lot of go-betweens. The use of blockchain technology decentralizes this activity and gives power back to the fundamental players eliminating the need for third parties. The platform will quickly provide commodity traders, regulators and any other interested parties with real-time settlements at a reduced cost and minimized risk.

Tiqpit PIT ICO Details

The project has planned a TGE whose presale will be done on 16th February 2018, and the main sale event will be carried out on 9th March 2019. The specifications of the token sale are:

  • Token name – tiqpit token
  • Token type –ERC 20
  • Token ticker – PIT
  • Smallest currency unit –TIQ
  • Decimals – 8
  • Token supply – fixed at 500 million
  • Pre-sale token plan – The price 1 PIT=0.00035 ETH (30% discount), Minimum 100 PIT=0.35 ETH, accepted currencies are ETH, BTC, and Fiat
  • Main sale token plan – Price ranges between 1 PIT =0.0004 ETH and 1 PIT=0.0005 ETH, Minimum amount 100 PIT=0.04 ETH.

Tiqpit Safe Energy & Commodity Trading Blockchain Benefits

Tiqpit provides a lot of benefits to all the parties involved such as:

  • Flattens the price curve through the reduction of middlemen
  • Real-time settlements recorded on the blockchain
  • Different modules for the various clienteles on the platform
  • Reduced administrative costs for each contract
  • Simplifies the process of monitoring accountability
  • Easy entry for small-time suppliers
  • A window for niche products to explore new markets
  • Improved security and privacy when trading commodities

Tiqpit Conclusion

Tiqpit provides some incredible solutions that will disrupt the commodities and energy sector. The project has onboard industry players whose track record is proven. The team doesn’t rely on cumbersome consortia, therefore, can make decisions quickly and to the best interest of the platform.

The project has impressive growth projects where it expects to gain 5% of the market share in this sector. Transparency is a critical feature in this platform especially when it comes to matching rules of different trades. Funds raised from the TGE will contribute significantly to the development of the platform and if possible launch into the market within 18 to 24 months.

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Coin Market Cap Price Change 24 Hour Volume
BTC $154.69B $8,727.1618 8.87% $8.66B
ETH $28.39B $267.2520 7.37% $3.05B
XRP $17.24B $0.4095 6.72% $760.7M
BCH $7.78B $436.9347 9.08% $620.29M
LTC $7.02B $113.3103 11.37% $1.41B
EOS $6.32B $6.9239 9.21% $1.01B
BNB $4.85B $34.3446 1.40% $344.93M
USDT $3.09B $1.0085 0.47% $7.6B
XLM $2.56B $0.1325 7.10% $64.07M
ADA $2.22B $0.0856 7.36% $88.94M

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