Cryptocurrency for the Adult Entertainment Industry?

This innovative platform provides a comprehensive and totally anonymous payment solution for customers wants to purchase products and services from the pornography and adult entertainment industry. This award-winning solution is essentially a cryptocurrency that can be exchanged anonymously for purchasing products and services in the adult entertainment industry.

For a lot of customers, anonymity is everything when it comes to their interactions with this industry, and by providing users with a totally anonymous cryptocurrency that is easy to work with, versatile and secure that is dedicated towards this industry. An extension of the immensely popular Bitcoin protocol, Titcoin features a number of tweaks that make it particularly effective for its intended use.

Special Features

Some of the most important characteristics customers look for when searching the right payment method for the adult entertainment industry are fast transaction times, rock-solid security and complete anonymity, and Titcoin provides customers with all these and much more. Based on a decentralized computation network and providing customers with features like complete privacy and discretion, fraud prevention measures and some of the lowest processing fees on the market, Titcoin has the potential to be a one-stop solution for adult entertainment customers.

Anonymity for All

One of the reasons why customers of the adult entertainment industry do not prefer conventional modes of payment, like bank transfers or PayPal, is the lacks of anonymity and the track record of these payment processors of discrimination against adult entertainment companies. Titcoin solves this problems by providing a method of peer-to-peer transactions, much like cash transactions, that preservers the anonymity of customers at all times.

Better Security and Convenience

Titcoin takes the best features of popular cryptocurrencies and makes things even better by adding subtle tweaks that improve usability and convenience. Customers using this mode of payment can now dodge the inconvenience of chargebacks, a common phenomenon with credit card payments, and the faster transaction speed can be a great added feature for discerning customers. The added security and discreet nature of payments come in as bonus features that can convince customers to adopt this new, exciting cryptocurrency.


Titcoin has been created with the customers of the adult entertainment industry in mind, but it can be used to purchase a wide variety of other products and services, as well as converted into a flat currency. With support a wide variety of wallets, the unmatched versatility can be one of the selling points for Titcoin.


Titcoin provides customers the opportunity to be able to mine the cryptocurrency without the need for expensive hardware or complicated setups. With lower mining variance promising consistent payouts and support for multiple popular mining software and pools, this can be a great way for customers to generate Titcoin at home.

The Company

Developed by a small team of cryptocurrency specialists who say the adult entertainment industry as a perfect setting for integrating a stable and secure digital currency, Titcoin boasts of a team of seasoned veterans who are looking to increase awareness about cryptocurrencies in general and provide customers of the adult entertainment industry a comprehensive payment solution. Started in June 2014, Titcoin has received applause from the mainstream media, and has already been nominated for the XBIZ Awards two years in a row as one of the best alternative payment services in existence.

Getting Started

Getting started with Titcoin is an easy, painless process, with the company website offering different versions of its wallet for direct customers and merchants. The wallets are available for direct download in the website and offer no-hassle setup and configuration. The included instructions are lucid and easy to follow.

Overall, not only does Titcoin solve a number of the problems that plague customers of the adult entertainment and pornography industries, but with time, it also retains the potential to become a universally accepted and acknowledged digital currency with powerful, unique features that can benefit customers across many industry verticals.

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