For most artists, accessing the $25 billion live music market is not easy. Organizing tours, selling tickets, and finding fans can be quite expensive and time-consuming. This usually drives away energy from the main goal of each artist, which is to produce music. Besides that, fans that are looking for concerts usually end up only finding overpriced tickets.

The Tixeet Solution

Because of smart contracts and the blockchain, Tixeet is going to disrupt the live music industry. It will offer a simple yet effective solution. Their solution will allow musicians to organize tours, promote them, and sell the tickets. This will benefit fans, venues, and the artists.

Tixeet Blockchain Ticketing For Live Music Events Advantages

Simplified Organization

Via their simplified, accurate matchmaking algorithm and smart contract, venues and artists can make agreements with just a few clicks.

Pinpointed Promotion

This project will promote events to fans based on their music interests, location, and their involvement with a given artist.

Direct Ticket Sales

Artists will be able to crowdfund concerts and fans can purchase tickets directly from them at a reduced price. Tixeet will curate the database, offer matchmaking algorithms, and facilitate the agreement between artists and venues.

Smart Contracts

The smart contract will register the event creation, handle the transactions, and transfer the TIXI to the given wallet.


The users will be involved in the organization of events and promoting them via the features offered by Tixeet. Fans will be able to purchase and sell tickets via decentralized platform using smart contracts.

No Brokers, No Scalping

On this site, fans can resell tickets if they are able to attend the event. The other user will need to be registered on Tixeet. The ticket can be sold at the same or lower prices.


There will be up to 150,000 TIXI given per day to enable the rewarding of users who contribute to the growth of the community.


TIXI will be utilized inside the platform for the purchase of event tickets, premium packages, music streaming and audio equipment from third parties.


Artists and venues will be able to get up to 100% for what is due for the event in TIXI.

Tixeet Benefits


The founders believe that operating transparently is beneficial for any business. Thus, they will build a transparent system that will allow all transaction to be accessible via the blockchain. There will also be features that promote responsible behavior by users.


They want to ensure that all events are economically sustainable. For that to happen, all agreements need to be respected by the parties involved. Thus, they will implement features that monitor and verify the demand for events, to ensure success.


To cut costs, this platform’s developers will invest in simplicity. Thus, they will dismantle the complex event organization and ticketing using fan-powered features, smart contracts, and AI.

Tixeet TIXI Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Name: TIXI
  • Type: ERC20
  • Pre-Sale: June 20, 2018 – September 20, 2018
  • Pre-sale Goal: 8,000 ETH
  • Pre-Sale Bonus: 25%
  • ICO Sale: December 1 2018 – December 31, 2018
  • Token Supply: 3,000,000,000 TIXI

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