This is a platform that makes it simple for users to have access to crypto returns with an extensive expanded risk. The company will release asset allocation compositions called Crypto Asset Portfolio (CAP). It is worth noting that diverse allocation compositions ratios of virtual possessions as well as derivative virtual products can generate a myriad of CAPs.

What Is Tixguru?

The Tixguru platform is priding itself as a place where investors are able to write and also test trading algorithms. It is a community where members are able to meet other writers and share algorithms, ideas, trading experiences and strategies. This will be of great benefit to users of the platform since it will enable them to learn from one another.

The proprietor of TIX will possess the preventative right of CAPs as well as access to the cutting-edge investment tools like arbitrage tools, trading signals, as well as data analysis. These advanced functions are offered to TIX users to help them maximize on profit as much as possible.

Tixguru Blockchain Asset Manager & Quant Analysis

Tixguru will launch a lively fund as well as an inert fund to the market. The lively fund is beneficial to the investor who desires to pursue high returns coupled with high risks. On the flip side, the CAP has also come up with the index passive fund option. This will be of benefit to investors who have a low risk tolerance and therefore would like to hold the virtual asset for elongated periods of time.

Due to the fact that TIX is the first crypto index fund, CAP offers a way to follow the trajectory of the performance of the virtual currencies. Additionally, due to the fact that at the moment the number of cryptos have skyrocketed, it has become tricky for investors to decide on which crypto to choose. This is where CAP comes in to eradicate this intricacy for newbies in the crypto industry.

Tixguru Objectives

The goal of the platform is to establish a SaaS for virtual asset investors who are enthusiastic in joining the world of virtual currencies. Tixguru also aims at providing asset management, risk management, investment management as well as financial management for investors.

The Tixguru Project

Due to the fact that diverse allocation compositions rations of virtual possessions are in a position of creating diverse CAPs, users are in a position of using BTC, ETH, and LTC to buy and make deposits.

The platform is actually meant for multi-signature and cold wallet technologies designed to protect all virtual possessions. In this regard, the individual key to the possession will be physically distributed and stored. This will be carried out under stringent processing procedures that can control influxes and outflows of properties.

The platform will be connected to the exchanges via encrypted ecosystem channels and will be designed in such a way that particular asset escrow account are linked with external exchange platforms for trading. The Tixguru Platform is committed to ensuring that it will be held responsible for a seamless market performance. This will be made possible through provision of purchase and sale solutions for users.

Tixguru TIX Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Sale Date: Present – 07/31/18
  • Token Name: TIX
  • Token Type: ERC-20
  • Token Price: 1 ETH = 5,000 TIX
  • Accepted Currency: Ethereum
  • Minimum Purchase Limit: 200 ETH

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