What Is Tixico?

Tixico is a new blockchain option for the people who are interested in acquiring tickets for many types of events like sports or music concerts. It offers fair prices, safe ticking and uses the blockchain technology, which powers the platform and enables it to make transactions that are fast and 100% secure.

How Tixico Blockchain Event Ticketing Protection Works

Tixico works as a safe way for to buy tickets without actually having to go to the official places. If you buy second-hand tickets or acquire them by using the help of third parties, you might be scammed or tricked in some way, so Tixico was created to an anti-fraud way for you to get tickets that are recorded on the blockchain and assigned to an owner. This way, they simply cannot be duplicated.

The platform also ensures that the organizers of the event can prevent what is commonly known as ticket scalping, that is when people buy a lot of tickets to sell them later. Because of this, the organizers com set price range limits on tickets that you can buy second-hand on the platform and how many tickets an individual user can buy for himself.

Organizers can also receive a fee every time a ticket is resold. You will have the opportunity to see and use additional reports on the ticket sales and information that will help you in future marketing campaigns and in the organization of the event.

The platform does have options for improved upselling, meaning that an user that purchases tickets will be able to add options like parking to the ticket without having to pay for it separately.

Finally, you can even use the platform to crowdfund your event and the investors will receive a proportional profit from their investment from the profit of the event. They will be able to assign moderators to regulate how the event that they funded will work.

Tixico TXI Token ICO Details

The TXI tokens will power the platform and they will be used as the primary currency to buy tickets for the events promoted at Tixico.

From the total of 100,000,000 total TXI tokens, 70% of them will be sold in the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The hard cap of the sale will be 4.2 million USD and most of the money (60%) will go to research and development, while 19% goes to marketing, 19% to management and legal and 2% to operations.

The WhitePaper of the company only states that the private token sale will happen on June 2018 and the main sale in August but it does not state the price of the TXI tokens. Unsold tokens will be burned.

Who Is Behind Tixico?

Some of the most relevant members that make this team are Normunds Vucans (sales and management), Krists Kreics (technical lead), Stefan Esser (operations), Luize Janson (marketing manager), Reinis Anzikis (lead designer), Ainars Kreics (legal) and Andrea Nardelli (technologist).

The advisors of Tixico are Brett Richey (CEO at BlitzPredict), Kristaps Mors (CEO at Power Mining) and Olags Saulriets (CEO at Passport Productions).

Tixico Conclusion

Tixico seems like a good platform for businesses that want to have more control over the tickets that they sell. By using the platform, they can certainly control more of the structure of the sales. On a more negative note, there is the possibility that they will sell less tokens if they only use the platform because some people will not buy the tickets as they have to use the TXI tokens for that.

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