What Is TLC Secure?

The TLC Secure Network plans to offer a secure way to bring together both private and public blockchains to increase security for users.

This network offers maximum security by using SAFEConnect. This VPN has been tested and the TLC Secure Network is just bringing this technology to the blockchain system. The goal of this platform is to create a completely safe yet invisible version of the internet.

The TLC Secure Network has developed partnerships with Hewlett Packard, Texas Instruments, and Freescale Semiconductor. The applications of an invisible internet are desirable to a range of users from a variety of fields of industry and development.

TLC Secure NVIS ICO Details

The platforms website indicates that the Invisible Internet ICO may be one of the largest coin offerings happening in 2018. Invisible Internet tokens will be bought and traded under the code NVIS. There will be an initial twenty-five million coin offering with an extra five million coins added if fully reserved. NVIS tokens are part of the decentralized Ethereum platform.

The NVIS Pre-ICO wrapped up on February 15, 2018 but the website does not yet indicate if the 2.5 million token goal was reached to determine the hard cap. Following the ICO period NVIS tokens will be available for purchase through supported exchanges.

One of the benefits of holding NVIS tokens is the Referral Commission Structure. This structure allows token holders to receive twenty percent of NVIS net transaction revenue.

The TLC Secure Team

This platform is not a startup but instead an idea created by a team of seasoned experts who have an invested interest in improving internet security for future business development. Each team member brings proven experience in the fields of cryptocurrency, platform development, engineering, and wireless technology preparing them for success.

John Matthesen serves as the CEO and brings his experience and expertise from his successful development of two startup to IPO companies. Combining his experience with both Commerce One and Sybase alongside extensive experience throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia John is prepared to lead the TLC Team to success. Phil Smith serves as the Chief Technical Officer and President. Phil is a network security expert and has worked at senior levels previously with Hewlett Packard, NASA, and Cisco.

Full team member biographies are available through the NVIS website at www.nvis.info/.

TLC Secure VPN Invisible Internet Network Conclusion

Joining The Secure Network gives users better network security especially regarding blockchain protection from hackers. This network will have its own domain name system, dynamic host configuration protocol, and firewall protection.

The sheer number of tokens available makes this project quite enticing for crypto investors. Combine the number of tokens with the added referral commissions and this seems like a good potential investment opportunity for 2108.

Interested investors should watch the NVIS website for the results of the pre-sale and get ready to purchase tokens during the ICO period. Unlike many start-ups that look to crypto funding campaigns, the NVIS platform offers a smarter option for investing that is more likely to payout than a startup idea that has not yet been tested.

The NVIS website offers comprehensive platform details at nvis.info/. This site also allows interested investors to sign up for email updates to help them stay on top of project developments, investment opportunities, and ongoing successes.

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