Tmrrw, found online at, is a blockchain-based marketplace for housing in Los Angeles. Find out how the platform works today in our review.

What is Tmrrw?

Tmrrw is a startup company that aims to create the first ever blockchain-based, real-world ecosystem. The company is based in Los Angeles, and is rolling out its project across the city over the coming months. At the beginning of October, for example, Tmrrw launched a pop-up shop that exclusively accepted cryptocurrencies.

There are three key parts of the Tmrrw ecosystem, including Housing of Tomorrow, Marketplace of Tomorrow, and the Spacetime Token. These projects are in the early stages of development.

Housing of Tomorrow is a series of housing projects that will be built in Los Angeles. These projects will be tokenized, allowing investors to purchase a portion of these properties and profit from any income or resale value.

Meanwhile, the Marketplace of Tomrrw will be a decentralized marketplace where all transactions are traceable on the blockchain. That marketplace will only accept the Spacetime Token as payment.

What Problems Does Tmrrw Seek to Solve?

Tmrrw aims to target major problems with the housing and retail industries.

Current housing projects are created by greedy developers looking for the cheapest and quickest way to build without a thought for the future. That’s why so many houses waste energy, require constant repairs, and look ugly. Developers want to build a home, sell it as quickly as possible, and limit their long-term liability.

Retail marketplaces, meanwhile, have no transparency. The label on your food might say that the product is organic or utilizes ethical farming, for example, but you have little way to check that yourself.

Tmrrw aims to solve these problems using blockchain technology.

How Does Tmrrw Work?

Tmrrw seeks to innovate the world of housing and retail sales in an innovative way. Here’s how they play to do it:

The House of Tomorrow

The House of Tomorrow project aims to build houses that “can last for hundreds if not thousands of years.” The houses built by the project “will be completely energy efficient in every way possible, meeting the most extensive standards (Passivehaus), solar powered, fire resistant, earthquake resistant and will utilize all of the most important technologies available,” explains the official website. The House of Tomorrow will accept the Spacetime Token as payment for purchase, and will offer discounts for those who pay with the Spacetime Token.

The Marketplace of Tomorrow

The Marketplace of Tomorrow is a completely transparent market where every product is recorded on the blockchain from material harvest to final product to consumer. You can watch the flow of raw resources into finished products. The entire production process is transparent and immutable. The marketplace will only accept Spacetime Tokens as payments.

These are just the first two projects identified by the Tmrrw team. the company aims to complete the House and Marketplace of Tomorrow by February 2018. They plan to complete more houses by January 2019 and more apartments by January 2020. After that, they’ll continue developing projects over time.

The Spacetime Token Sale

The Spacetime Token (STIME) sale is taking place from October 4 (9am PST) to November 30. 1 Spacetime token will equal $0.30 USD during the token sale.

The tokens will be used to pay rent, purchase housing, and buy goods at the marketplace.

A total of 13.5 million tokens will be released to the public, with an additional 1.5 million tokens held by the development team. There’s a total supply of 15 million tokens (90% of the total supply is going to the token sale, while 5% is going to the team and partners, and 5% is held as incentives for the marketplace). 100% of the funds will be used to build houses and marketplaces.

The sale has a $4.5 million hard cap. Ether will be accepted during the token sale.

Who’s Behind Tmrrw?

Tmrrw is led by co-founders Dana Mahmood and Helan Mahmood. The two previously co-founded Rentgene.

The company describes itself as “a small team of 4 people”. One person from the team has built a house before, while the rest have backgrounds in design. They’re all big adopters of cryptocurrency and want to implement blockchain technologies into houses and marketplaces for increased transparency.


Tmrrw aims to create examples of how digital tokens will be used in the economies of tomorrow. The company is creating “Housing of Tomorrow” projects, where they aim to create the world’s best house. That house will stand for hundreds – even thousands – of years while maintaining the highest levels of environmental sustainability and protection. The other major Tmrrw project is a decentralized marketplace that only accepts cryptocurrency tokens.

You can learn more about Tmrrw, or participate in the platform’s crowdsale today, by visiting the company online at


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