What Is TMT Blockchain Fund?

The TMT Blockchain Fund is a venture capital fund that will invest in and incubate startup businesses related to blockchain technology. The group is also issuing its own ICO for a security token that will fill the fund and entitle owners to several privileges. The fund presents an interesting idea, but it has a very large minimum investment that will deter even many serious investors, and the project is still very early in its development; at time of writing (May 2018), the company has published neither a whitepaper nor a roadmap.

Who Is Behind TMT Blockchain Fund?

The TMT Blockchain Fund is the work of four men, each with at least a decade of experience in the venture capital field. Far more information is available online about the four founding partners than about their fund. The group currently has a very small audience on social media, with just a few dozen followers across all of its pages. The project has been covered by several online publications, but almost all of them appear to be merely aggregating data about its upcoming ICO. However, its audience will likely grow significantly as its ICO approaches and the group finally publishes a whitepaper.

TMT Blockchain Fund Smart Crypto Investment Offerings

After securing funding through its ICO, the TMT Blockchain Fund plans to invest in between 20 and 40 blockchain-related startup companies. In addition to the investment, TMT's managers hope to provide guidance to the startups by introducing them to potential collaborators, securing distribution channels for their products or services, and otherwise offering managerial advice. The fund's investors will be paid dividends, and will also receive a share of any cryptocurrencies secured through an investment in a startup's ICO.

TMT Blockchain Fund TMT Token ICO Details

A total of 18,750,000 TMT tokens will be created, 80% of which will be sold to the public for $1 apiece. However, the website's FAQ section notes that the minimum investment for approved U.S. participants is $100,000; investors from other countries are apparently not subject to this regulation.

The ICO will begin in June 2018, though no exact date is set, and will last for only seven days. Participants are expected to register for the company's whitelist in order to comply with know-your-customer regulations.

The token is based on the Waves blockchain, and can be purchased using Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoins, Waves, and a few others. The company notes in its FAQ section that investors can also buy into the fund with fiat currency, but this is not described in detail on the website.

TMT Blockchain Fund Verdict

The TMT Crypto Fund is the work of a highly experienced team, but its exorbitant minimum investment means few people will be able to share its returns. While the fund is obviously targeted at wealthy investors, it unfortunately provides too little information to win their trust. Those who invest in the TMT Crypto Fund are in good hands, but without a roadmap and whitepaper, it's too early to tell whether the company has a strong plan.

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