TNCoin, based in Nashville is a forum for real estate investment built on the Ethereum blockchain. The company recently announced the launching of a unique product; the nation’s first real estate tokenized asset funds. TNCoin will use the ERC-20 forum to distribute shares to interested investors further allowing portability of cryptocurrencies that upcoming investors fancy.

A key objective in TNCoin’s offer is providing investors with a tokenized asset that can be kept safe and exchanged at a future date. TNCoin is unique since it is one of the first securitized real estate investment funds to offer cryptocurrency tokens. The funds collected will be utilized by acquiring real estate assets for rent or holding and selling or renovating.

Currently, TNCoin boasts of a 68-unit apartment building all occupied that generates a total revenue of 1.3 million dollars annually. The constant rate of return on the investments and appreciation will aid the investors to stabilize their volatile portfolios.

TNCoin Growth

TNCoin was created to help investors take advantage of the real estates new product; tokenized asset funds. TNCoin has managed to bring hundreds of serious investors be it private or corporate under one roof where they can obtain all the information they need. The platform does not have strict barriers to entry as they try to bring more investors on board. To ensure transparency the firm has a team of real estate professionals who make sure that ever property passes the quality mark.

Why Join The Movement?

TNCoin is a universal platform that anyone from anyone can join the global real estate market.

The platform is flexible with asset ownership tokens being fluid. The assets can be inherited, used as security and even transferred to a preferred person.

The model has been built on a secure platform that is easy and safe to manage. First of its own in the real estate industry.

The firm allows for capital to be divided into smaller portions and invested in various assets and times.

All these benefits are guided by real estate professionals to ensure that everyone wins.

TNCoin’s Future

TNCoin is one of the unique businesses that have shown huge prospects in the application of creativity and innovation to an industry that has lagged over the years. Unlike many businesses that remain at the proposal stage, TNCoin has gone live, procured pilot official property and have received a positive feedback from the active investors.

TNCoin is definitely the future of real estate. Join the revolution.

Tncoin ICO Details

Start date: began on 5th April 2018 at 12:00 UTC

End date: scheduled for 16th May 2018 at 12:00 UTC

Tokens have not yet been released into the market but it will soon be launched.

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