What Is Tobigca?

The platform is essentially a highly advanced online casino. What makes it unique is the method of operations to make it so competitive and realistic. It’s said to be far more advanced than any of the other online casinos, especially those that are run by cryptocurrency.

How Does Tobigca Blockchain Social Casino Platform Work?

There’s some great reasons to gamble on the platform. For one, the platform’s Texas Holdem 3D is built on the ultra-realistic and very successfully Smart TV built by Samsung. And, it will be a specialized Blockchain system that has been enhanced to a new version.

The platform is also said to operate on two-tier blockchain developed Node for the world and game. The system is incredibly speedy and very stable for safe and secure gameplay.

It’s said to be a highly rewarding proprietary currency known as the TOC Token and is the fuel for the ecosystem. And the more you play, the more you get in benefits.

The platform is designed for a unique business model that is also suited for blockchain-based social casino platform. Tobigca is also designed to be one of the speediest and stable, safe game play. It’s also supported by a highly effective double tier smart contract based on the game system.

One of the games is the popular Texas Holdem3D and it’s the first game to be release by the team. They’ve also developed it as well, and it uses a multitude of different 3D camera angles. And Tobigca is said to be the closest thing you can get to a real-life experience from the comfort of your own home.

There’s also a detailed roadmap on the website where you can see everything they are releasing over the course of the next couple years. And they are planning on releasing a ton of games for the platform, all of which are fully interactive and 3D.

Tobigca TOC Token ICO Details

The pre-sale of the platform is stage one and just started on the 3rd of April 2018. And it’s only running until the 12th of the month. Of course, this is just a pre-sale of the token and not the actual ICO. But that also means you can count on a discounted price that won’t be available once the presale is over. And as of now, the total amount sold is exactly 16.13% of the goal numbers. And the numbers that you get an 8% bonus when you purchase during the first stage, 5% during the second, and3%during the third.

Who Is Behind Tobigca?

The CEO for the company is Aoki Masahide, he has multiple senior investment positions across multiple companies and over twenty years of experience in the corporate development sector. He’s also worked in finance and other related industries. He’s currently the leader running a team of 8 other specialist in the gaming industry and blockchain/cryptocurrency sectors. Along with them is a group of advisors, each of whom has a high up position in an already successful business of one type of another that is related to Tobigca’s market.

Tobigca Conclusion

The company has a major team, and group of advisors who are supporting them. And they’re already developing different games to allow people to gamble on home regardless of where they live in the world.

If you’re a big gambler, love casinos, but happen to not live close to one or don’t have the time to visit them often – Tobigca may just be the ideal cryptocurrency company for you, and even though they only have Texax Holdem 3D right now, you can go to the company website and see the roadmap that discloses all the information on games that are currently being developed. Lastly, they are completely

transparent about their team, the founders and the location of the company’s headquarters, thereby meaning they can be trusted. And that is the hardest aspect to find in most of the shady ICOs on the market to date.

Basically, Tobigca is a system I would say is safe to consider investing in, just head to the company website at Tobigca.org and see if they are right for you. You may end up finding a system that allows you to make money while having the time of your life, and all from the safety of your own home.

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