What Is Tocean?

The Tocean foundation is a charity organization that has the goal of raising funds to distribute to organizations, which work to protect the oceans. The creator of this project had the idea to create a token that is backed by the ocean water. The token solidifies that every person is entitled to a proportionate share of the ocean.

Tocean Is About Our Existence

The developer of this project also wants to bring peace to the world. Through this project, he hopes that he can create awareness, not just about the sea but also about our existence. It is estimated that most of our oxygen comes from the ocean and not from trees.

Phytoplankton are microscopic biotic creatures that are able to generate energy via photosynthesis. During the process, they release oxygen into the water. In fact, about 50-85% of the world’s oxygen is from this process.

​Issues Tocean Seeks To Solve

One of the major issues that arise in the sea is the flag of convenience (FOC). In this situation, the shipowner will register a ship in a nation where they are not a citizen. This way, a ship owner can avoid regulatory compliance.

​FOC ships are involved in some of the highest-profile oil spills in the history of the world. However, their worst effect on ocean life is illegal fishing. This project aims to raise awareness on FOC ship activity.

Tocean Blockchain Ocean Protection Foundation Objectives

​​Develop A Blockchain App

The app will be used to track the FOC ships to let consumers know that the products they consume come from such ships.

Develop A Currency

The ocean water will back the crypto coin. It will generate an income, which is distributed to non-profits that work for peace and protecting oceans.

​Mine For Charity

The developers will suggest to the members of the community that they should implement masternode rewards. They will also conduct mining with extra incentives for contributing rewards to charitable causes.

​Serve A Notice To The UN

The developers will serve a notice to the UN that people of the world are all equitable owners of the oceans.

​Make Big Oil Accountable

Oil companies drill in Federal or state water and pay a royalty. The royalty is usually about 25% of their proceeds. However, nobody pays anything in international waters.

Factors That Might Influence The Crypto Coin

​Rising Ocean

Thus far, there is no real time counter of ocean volumes. However, various organizations such as the NOOA keeps track of the ocean volume. They have calculated the volume, and it comes to about 1.3 billion cubic kilometers of water. The developers of this project will examine whether the TCEN token can have its value affected by rising ocean levels.

​Rising Population

It would not be fair to factor in rising sea levels and leave out population growth. However, the TCEN owners will make the final choice.

Tocean TCEN Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Ticker: TCEN
  • Soft Cap: 100,000 USD
  • Hard Cap: 1,000,000 USD
  • Tokens to be sold: 5,100,000,000 TCEN
  • Price: TCEN = 33.333 ETH
  • Accepted: ETH

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