What Is Token Changer?

Token Changer is a new blockchain platform that is being developed to help you with distributed financial apps. They use the platform to help develop, create and store a large variety of DApps. It doesn’t matter if the DApps are a simple token trading Dap platform or a complex application for other purposes, the platform can help anyone. And not only that, but it works for anyone. And there are some other reasons a person may want to use the Token Changer platform, which is being called by some the blockchain destination for all financial DApps.

There is a massive web browser interface for DApp that can be utilized by millions of people. And it can be used to design, make and host the apps as well without any issues whatsoever.

How Does Token Changer Blockchain Financial Dapps Work?

The web browser interface makes using the platform easy for anyone. And to use the platform requires no login, so you can count on total anonymity. Along with that, they platform is said to be safe, secure and private for all users. With a trustless blockchain software operating at the back end, the application is run in a unique way not seen anywhere else.

There are also multiple blockchains supported with the network. And users who are on the platform are also considered to be part owners of the platform as well. There are said to be zero fees for market makers and users of the platform. You can discover more DApps on the TokenChanger.io website.

The DApps are also designed primarily around the financial industry, designed to help people manage, make, buy, sell and trade digital money and fiat as well. There are already a lot of live apps on the website that can be used for various financial reasons and services. You can also follow Token Changer on several different company social media sites like Reddit, Telegram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Or the most part, the platform operates starting with a P2P based level. But it also works in a one to many and many to one base of operations. You can learn more about the following advancements in development, or expect them to be used with Token Changer:

  • Ether-Bitcoin Futures
  • Ether-Dollar Futures
  • Ether-Yen Futures
  • Ether-Euros Futures
  • Ether-Won Futures
  • Ether-Renmenbi Futures

As of now, that appears to be the future plans of the website and where the company is looking to go. They will likely offer more solutions in the near future and be able to help with more cryptocurrency combinations that aren’t primarily focused on Ethereum and Ether. And when it comes to the different methods of operation, you can count on the following as well:

Peer To Peer –

Future contracts will be used to ensure safety, security and authenticity. The platform will also have a TESTNET! To help improve the system and its fundamental operations. Users will be able to buy, sell and trade tokens with other users on the network as well. And there are binary options available to further improve the security of the network.

One To Many –

When it comes to flash sales, people will be able to make money fast at a massive, rapid rate. And like other companies, Token Changer will have an ICO or initial coin offering that will operate in time, and help investors make money while also becoming a part of the business. The company will operate on blockchain technology for the purpose of one to many as well. And at this level, they will also include product coupons for anyone who is looking to save money or offer incentives to other users.

Many To One –

When it comes to the many to one method of operation there are some other cool aspects to consider. For one, they will use reverse auctions to change the way items are sold. And there will be different types of tokens as well. For example, there will be opinion tokens for one purpose and attention tokens for another purpose to name a couple.

As you can see, the company is looking to do some pretty cool stuff. They’re still in early development, so all of the above are not fully live or accessible. But when they do become accessible, Token Changer will basically go through all the normal stages any other startup would.

Token Changer TOC ICO Details

The ICO is said to be in development as far as dates and tokens go. Hopefully they’ll launch more information on the token and ICO for Token Changer soon. They’re likely going to be releasing information soon enough, so we know how and when we can invest on the ICO. It will likely start with a discounted pre-sale, like we typically see with many other tokens on the market.

Who Is Behind Token Changer?

At this time, there is no information on who is behind the platform. There isn’t an ICO yet or any risk of losing money yet, but if Token Changer wants to be taken serious as a real company then they need to release some type of information as soon as possible. Otherwise, they are going to be considered a high-risk investment to be stayed away from.

Token Changer Conclusion

This is one of the newest platforms on the market by which DApps are the main focus. Token Changer is still very early in to development, so there isn’t a lot going on within the website. It’s too early to invest with them, but hopefully they will release some kind of information soon enough.

At least before they go into ICO or pre-sale, because if they don’t tell us who they are – investing with them would be a bad idea. Let’s hope that Token Changer gives us the info we need, so we can invest with them and make some great advancement in the industry with the use of DApps. Because if that happens, they could be a great platform for anyone to use and make some good money with.


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