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Token Desk, found online at, is a token marketplace where you can directly buy ICO tokens, rank ICOs, and enjoy other benefits. Here’s our review.

What is Token Desk?

ICOs have changed the way companies raise money in the blockchain industry. However, ICOs aren’t always ideal for investors. You have to visit the company’s website, send your money to their cryptocurrency address, and wait for tokens to be issued to you.

Token Desk aims to make everything more efficient. It’s a direct token marketplace available worldwide. Investors can use Token Desk to directly purchase their place in ICOs.

Token Desk also has nifty features like a token repurchase program, cash back for token holders up to 4.5%, and discount programs of up to 80% for Token Desk token holders.

The Token Desk pre-sale starts on October 4, 2017, with the general crowdsale lasting until December 24.

Token Desk Features and Benefits

Some of the advertised features and benefits of Token Desk include:

  • Buy your preferred token in 7 seconds
  • Participate in an ICO without any technical knowledge
  • Buy a token with cryptocurrency or a fiat currency
  • Investors are protected by an anti-scam rating system

As an investor, you can directly purchase tokens for any ICO through the platform, which aims to become the world’s largest ICOs marketplace.

As an ICO publisher, you provide a single marketplace where investors can purchase ICO tokens using a wide range of wallets.

What Problems Does Token Desk Seek to Solve?

Token Desk’s developers understand the benefits and potential of ICOs. However, they also admit there are some problems in the industry. Here are some of the problems their platform seeks to solve:

No common agreement about publishing certain types of information on an ICO platform, which makes it difficult to distinguish between legitimate businesses and scams

Countless websites appear very similar to advertising pages rather than qualified investment platforms

There’s no technological solution that offers the option to buy a company’s tokens directly

Investing in ICOs can be a complicated process because of all of these issues above. Investors need to absorb a lot of information, delve deep into the background of each ICO, and thoroughly investigate everyone involved in the project. All of this weakens the public adoption of tokens and ICOs. That’s where Token Desk sees an opportunity.

The Token Desk Rating System

In addition to giving users a centralized marketplace where they can purchase ICO tokens, Token Desk will have a detailed ICO rating system. This rating system is designed to separate scams from legitimate investment opportunities. It uses a standardized system to help investors make a smarter choice about their ICO purchases.

  • Some of the key features of the Token Desk rating system include:
  • Background of ICO team members and executives
  • Product idea, including creativity and reliability
  • Whitepapers (how relevant the whitepaper is, how much detail is in it, etc.)
  • Business strategy, scalability, and financing
  • ICO development plan and the legal aspects (is the team prepared to launch a successful ICO?)

After analyzing all of the above information, Token Desk will create a ranking system. Here’s how that ranking system works:

Step 1) The ICO will allocate a specified amount of ETH for investors who will participate in voting

Step 2) Token holders will be asked to start ranking various subjects according to the information that is published; the ICO’s team, product, whitepaper, business strategy, and development plans are ranked by choosing the answer “Yes” or “No” for every subject

Step 3) The platform determines the average vote

Step 4) Token holders who have given the final rank that is the same as the average rate will share 90% of the remuneration while the others will share 10% of the ICO’s remuneration

Essentially, the ICO is paying users a certain amount of ETH in exchange for fair, crowd-based voting to take place. Users have an incentive to give the ICO a fair rank, based on how it’s expected to be perceived by other reviewers.

The Token Desk Token Sale

Token Desk’s pre-sale is scheduled for October 4 to 6, 2017. During the 48 hour pre-sale, you can purchase tokens at a 55% discount. There are four more rounds of the token sale, including rounds A through D. The rounds take place sequentially from October 6 to December 24.

The tokens are sold at a rate of 1 TDS = 0.01 ETH. Bonuses are available until Round D (December 14 to 24), at which point the bonus drops to 0%.

Who’s Behind Token Desk?

Token Desk is led by Co-Founder and CEO Gintaras Tamosiunas. He’s a former member of the Lithuanian parliament, and he’s also a blockchain solutions development expert for enterprise and government use. Tamosiunas has worked in the cryptocurrency industry for the past four years.


Token Desk is an innovative marketplace where users can buy ICO tokens. The platform also encourages ICOs to submit their proposal for ranking. The ICO will be ranked by the community, and investors can view the ranking prior to deciding whether or not the ICO is worth an investment.

The Token Desk is taking place throughout October, November, and December. You can learn more about Token Desk online today by visiting

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  1. I would advise not to invest in this ICO:
    – No smart contract
    – Team with no blockchain knowdlege

    Check links below and decide:

      • Hi Ricardo which information is false that from the reply that Marcos left or in the press release? Would you invest, in token desk if so why, I am trying to invest wisely as one can in this market, don’t want all my eggs in one basket but do want to have some good/great eggs! Thanks.

  2. In Lithuania journalists did investigation about the team members of tokendesk. Do they have expirience in blockchain – no, do they have expirience in making fake companies to scam people – yes a lot!

  3. I can’t find anywhere to even use my TDS coins (Tokendesk) What s the deal with these people? Was this a scam, or am I just overlooking something? Any help is appreciated!


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