This is one of the first fantasy sports blockchain technologies that you can use to play your favorite sports games with a unique, highly specialized cryptocurrency token that is operated on and powered through the use of the Ethereum Blockchain. The company is in ICO or at least preparing to start in it.

It’s essentially a sports fantasy football platform that is created to operate on the powerful blockchain technology to make a safe and secure betting atmosphere for anyone who is working on the system. The platform gives the holders of tokens the ability to play games in fantasy sports and participate in contests as well with almost no fees and is gives immediate winnings for distribution. Also, people can pick from a huge range of different sports from around the world of different popularities.

How Does Token Draft Work?

The system is designed to redefine and improve the way that fantasy sports runs and operates. Because according to a lot of people there are a lot of problems with fantasy sports today that can be solved through the use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. They are problems that are across the board when it comes to the sport as well.

The first major issue with fantasy sports, specifically online is the fees to register and play are extremely high, even to get in the smallest contests. An average amount for players to play or customers per say is a rate of 11% every time they enter a contest of fantasy sports, regardless of the sport.

There is also a problem with payouts apparently. Limited access to getting winnings is a major complaint people have when they are attempting to cash out. The wait time to get your money after winning is usually done through the mail, which can take at least 2-8 days of time for processing and shipping. And then, the players will still have to make their way to the bank on time to cash in the check.

Also, it’s a very limited gambling sport as most of the players are only focused on playing in sports within their own country. It leaves out a lot of rooms to make money for people who could be participating in the sports of other countries. The platform is designed to encourage people to play fantasy leagues with sports outside their own country.

Another major issue is the difference in skill when it comes to fantasy sports. Finding people of the same skill level as you can be a very hard deal and new players of fantasy sports are usually prey of the most experienced veterans who know the sport and know how to dominate fantasy sports.

What Is The ICO On Token Draft?

Right now, there is a major token sale about to commence that is designed to help people who are early investors to profit the most. One of the main benefits of the token, will be that there will be no fess issued to enter any contest. And people who win will get access to their token next to immediately, which is a good thing if you need the money or want to join in on another game.

The token can be used to play sports from around the world, ones that may or may not be typically played by the person who is making the bets on the fantasy league. New players will be able to compete more confidently and effectively than ever before as well. And the token is set to be ready for use and fully functional by the second quarter of 2018.

Who Is Behind Token Draft?

The team behind the company is founded by Alham Benyameen, with a verified LinkedIn profile and is a specialist in Fantasy Football. The CTO is Blaine Elliot, and he also has a LinkedIn profile as well. Other than that, there are 13 other team mates who are helping the platform move forward in development. Along with that, various advisors are also involved. It’s one of the largest teams of any system of its type online.

Token Draft In Conclusion

The company will help people do better with fantasy sports while at the same time, benefitting from faster payouts than ever before. Another benefit is it will operate on smart contracts and be fully compliant as an ERC20 token and all of its standard. The functions of the token are said to be well protected and designed to protect from unauthorized access as well as no way to perform external calls. This in turn will eliminate the broad scope of a lot of issues that could potentially arise.

If you’re a sports fan, cryptocurrency investor or love fantasy sports leagues – then Token Draft could be the ultimate platform for you. Especially if you get in on the ICO from the beginning. You could stand to make a lot of money in a very short period of time through the use of Token Draft. Just head to to learn more about how you can invest with the company on the ICO.

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