Token Lab

By providing a safe environment which permits creative alternatives with built-in advertising and service, Token Lab can help quality projects launching on the platform, while also growing the Expanse ecosystem that's critical for long-term achievement. Cross-promotions, safety, and mutual cooperation are crucial Token Lab success factors. It offers features like reasonable prices for ICO launches, 2fa for security, and user testimonials – all of which significantly help enhance the standard of ICOs on Token Lab as compared to other programs.

1 flaw some earlier platforms had was virtually no charge to launch simple ICOs. Although this is convenient for people very casual about launching an offer, it resulted in the vast majority of projects on these platforms being scams or jokes, with just an occasional acute ICO launched on those platforms.

This constant spam decreased trust and was a massive problem with most of the early Token-launching systems. By setting a reasonable fee at a starting cost for LAB, approximately $5k USD, this filters out anyone making a joke undertaking. Most scams will also only take the path of least resistance and make “projects” with the least cash involved.

The Token Lab Value Proposition

For any serious endeavor, this investment in LAB is trivial and an incredible bargain, nevertheless will remove almost all of the problem ICOs by default, leaving Token Lab with serious projects that people are willing to invest in and succeed with.

By also tapping into the present user base of Expanse, which provides the capacity to advertise for free to tens of thousands of people who the staff has links with, customers have an advantage for getting attention to their projects in the discipline of crowdfunding. Together with the design that filters out the problem ICOs and testimonials, those purchasing projects on Token Lab, by default, will be investing in much more secure projects with a much greater degree of confidence.

Check-In Bar (CHCK-N) On Token Lab

Liquor brands worldwide are lined up to partner with CHCK-N, as the app enables brands to build personal relationships with their customers and use the power of personal recommendations to boost brand loyalty. It provides a unique strategy that creates and supports electronic marketing and advertising chances which has not yet been exploited.

Check-In Bar is a downloadable program which lets users choose a pub, open the app, and select a beverage off the program's menu. The app then launches a camera using all the brand's filter already added. Consumers may snap a selfie, share it on Facebook, and enjoy a free beverage. Among Check-In Bar's spouses are Bacardi, Jameson, Jack Daniels, Red Bull and Jagermeister just to name a few.

Named from the Wall Street Journal as providing “a new degree of social networking marketing,” Check-In Bar has partnered with dozens of globally known spirits manufacturers and places to benefit consumers with free drinks in exchange for their selfies. Check-In was launched with the intent of changing how liquor brands react with guests.

CHCK-N opted to go with Token Lab for ICO management solutions for a lot of reasons, including the stability of the Expanse blockchain technology along with the breadth and depth of experience of the group members,” explained Ali Balaban, CHCK-N Co-founder. As my co-founder, Lev Filimonov, and I started the ICO exploration process, we repeatedly heard that Expanse and Token Lab were solid yet innovative. Reputation and ethics go a long way when making such an important decision that impacts the future of the enterprise

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