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Token Report, found online at, tracks hundreds of ICOs worldwide. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Token Report?

Token Report is a subscription-based service that tracks ICOs currently underway around the world. At the time of writing, Token Report was tracking 689 ICOs and counting. Those ICOs were taking place in 75 countries and 33 industries around the world.

The basic version of Token Report is free, while the subscription-based service is priced at $225 per month.

Overall, Token Report claims to be the world’s largest ICO database. The platform provides at-a-glance information about each ICO, including the open date, close date and token information. You also get a review of the company and an overview of their business model. The company aims to provide actionable information about every token sale.

Token Report was launched in May 2017. The company is holding an ICO in November/December 2017.

What Problems Does Token Report Seek To Solve?

Token Report’s team believes that “the Wall Street model for financial research is broken”. That’s because as more people use information, that information becomes less useful. An investor may be part of a high-quality investment advice subscription service. However, that subscription service becomes less useful over time as more people join the platform.

Token Report aims to solve that problem using digital tokens. Subscriptions are only available to members who hold a certain number of digital tokens. There’s a fixed supply of digital tokens.

The end result is that Token Report will only be available to a maximum of about 21,000 users.

Token Report Pricing

Token Report has two tiers of pricing available, including a free version and another version priced at $225 per month.

Token Tracker (Free)

The free version provides comprehensive ICO listings with no signup required. Using the free version, you can ensure you never miss a current or upcoming ICO.

Token Clarity ($225 Per Month)

Token Clarity is the premium version of the platform. It provides the world’s largest ICO database to a limited number of members. Members enjoy unlimited queries, actionable ICO updates, global forum research, and risk score and analysis of each ICO. The platform is currently in beta form. You can request private beta access at the official website.

The Token Report EDGE Token

Holders of EDGE tokens will gain exclusive, fee-based access to Token Report’s secure network.

The company is releasing a number of tokens designed to accommodate a total of 21,000 individual users on the network. No more tokens will be minted in the future.

Meanwhile, those who hold larger tokens will benefit from discounted fees. They can access higher product tiers with real time analyses and investor updates, for example, and read information before it reaches other investors.

The EDGE Token Sale

Token Report has scheduled an ICO for November 28, 2017 at 9am ET. The company is accepting BTC, ETH, and ERC20 tokens in exchange for EDGE tokens. There’s a minimum purchase of 1,250 EDGE.

There’s a total supply of 52,500,000 EDGE tokens. The sale has a hard cap of $29 million USD and a soft cap of $10 million USD. There’s a minimum fundraising amount of $2.5 million.

The ICO concludes on December 12, 2017.

The company will hold approximately 30% of the total supply of tokens. Those tokens will be held for a 180 day lockup period.

During the token sale, the price of tokens will be set at 1 USD = 1.5 EDGE, although that number will drop to 1 USD to 1.1 EDGE as more money is raised.

In addition, a private sale opened on October 12 where investors can purchase 2 EDGE for 1 USD, with a minimum contribution of 500,000 USD.

Who’s Behind Token Report?

Token Report is led by founder and CEO Galen Moore, a financial journalist. Prior to launching Token Report in May 2017, Moore was Editor in Chief of Streetwise Media, a Boston-based financial analysis organization, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Other key members of the team include Ted Leung (Interim CTO), who is also the CTO of New Alchemy, and was previously Executive Director of Advanced Technology at Disney.

Token Report has officially partnered with New Alchemy, described as “a leading boutique consulting group with recognized experts and years of blockchain, cryptocurrency and commerce experience.”

Token Report Conclusion

Token Report is an ICO information service available for free or for a premium subscription.

The information service aims to solve a crucial problem in the world of investing: as more people sign up for an investment information service, the value of the service goes down. Token Report solves that problem by only opening subscriptions to those who hold a certain number of tokens. That means a maximum of about 21,000 people can be subscribed to Token Report at any time. The supply of tokens is fixed, so this number won’t go up or down significantly.

The Token Report ICO is taking place on November 28, and concludes on December 12. You can learn more by visiting online today at

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