New AI solutions are around the corner and have the potential to considerably improve your investment decision-making process.

Crypto market and portfolio analysis platform TokenAI recently released Juliet, a proprietary Artificial Intelligence tool helping both new and experienced cryptocurrency traders make smarter investments. With an overwhelming number of recommendations for making crypto investments, it’s difficult for the average aspiring investor to sort through the noise.

Juliet integrates with TokenAI’s three core services: Individual Coin Analysis, Current Portfolio Re-balancing, and its Token Basket Generator. With Juliet, TokenAI offers a readily accessible, easy-to-use, and cost-effective toolkit empowering anyone to participate in the crypto markets, regardless of experience.

Their Individual Coin Analysis gives a user an option to select any coin and have it analyzed by Juliet. Many tokens gain significant attention through social media or other means, and Juliet’s AI analyzes each token to provide deeper insights to consumers. For traders who have invested coins and would like to optimize their portfolios for maximum performance, Juliet provides instant, actionable insights to help users.

Co-Founder and Vice President of Engineering of TokenAI said:

“TokenAI’s algorithms help users access and analyze crypto markets in a way that has never been done before. With Juliet, we’re providing a way for savvy traders and newcomers alike to identify potential opportunities in the crypto markets, and to learn from recommendations throughout our suite of services.”

TokenAI’s advisory board includes executives at Influencive, Quuu, Blockchain Investor LLC, and investFeed. TokenAI will run its upcoming token sale on COMSA, TechBureau’s SaaS platform with services that streamline the token offering process. The token sale will launch July 1, 2018.

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