Blockchain technology seems to be on the forefront of tokenizing every tradable item. But have the innovations though of tokenizing people. As anticipated blockchain is already working on a concept that could see the first capability of a platform to tokenize individuals on a large scale basis.

What Is TokenAire?

Tokenaire ICO is seeking fund to establish a blockchain startup that enables the tokenization of people on the blockchain through a custom token. Their concept look to utilize a possible use case within social media where influencers using the personalized tokens to gain value from their follower groups. Here's more on how the firm expects it to work.

The Tokenaire Solutions

Tokenaire Marketplace

The Tokenaire marketplace is the open market platform that facilitates the tokens' sale and issuance of the personalized tokens. The marketplace will offer real-time trading, low trading fees (0.003 Waves) and proven operational technology. Security of the transactions is available through an escrow provision available through third-parties.

AIRE Token

Tokenaire will create personalized tokens (AIRE) to represent individuals and will be available once the person satisfies the identity verification procedure and the liveness-test through the site. The AIRE tokens can be used in purchasing an influencer's merchandise or act as digital collectibles to reward the community members. Part of the token will also facilitate tokenization of the stored data from the users’ transactions.

How TokenAire Blockchain Personalized Social Network Works

A follower would need to purchase a celebrity's token and hold it. The token would then give the follower exclusive access to content released by the social media celebrity. The number of tokens a user holds would outline the level of interest or commitment they have towards the influencer. In return, the influencer can identify the most active community members and take time to reward them through activities such as contests.

TokenAire Use Cases


AIRE token will be available as a trading pair for the personalized tokens, and this option will be available on the marketplace.


AIRE tokens will enable the personal tokenization of the influencers through facilitating the creation and purchase of the virtual currencies.

Data Storage

The Time capsule data storage mechanism in use will run using the AIRE token as a payment method to perpetuate the transactions on the Waves blockchain

Repurchasing Plan

The AIRE Token repurchasing plan intends to use 20% of the profits to buy back the tokens at the end of each quarter.

TokenAire AIRE Token ICO Details


  • Dates- 14.July2018 until 31 August 2018 10:00UTC
  • Bonus- +20%
  • Price- 1 AIRE = 0.00000003 BTC = 3.33 sats


  • Dates- 1.September2018 until 30.September2018, 10:00UTC.
  • Bonus- +10%
  • Price- 1 AIRE = 0.00000003 BTC = 3.64 sats

Public Sale

  • Dates- 1.October2018 until 31October2018, 10:00UTC.
  • Price- 1 AIRE = 0.00000004 BTC = 4 sats

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Ticker- AIRE
  • Platform- Waves-NG
  • Token supply- 7,000,000,000 AIRE tokens
  • Sale supply- 4,200,000,000 AIRE
  • Price- 1 AIRE=$0.00110/ 1 AIRE= 0.00000004 BTC
  • Accepts- BTC
  • Hard cap- 168 BTC
  • Soft cap- 50 BTC

Token Distribution

  • Token sale- 60%
  • Founders- 20%
  • Reserve- 20%

TokenAire Conclusion

The concept of tokenizing people is far from becoming a reality, but with Tokeniare we could eliminate the core challenges affecting our existing social media mechanics. However, it will need a substantial paradigm shift for the users and celebrities alike to abandon the current platforms.

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